Sometimes overshadowed in the artistic arena, the 1000-year-old craft of paper art can be traced back to Japan. With complex and intricate designs and cuttings, the paper artworks are as unique and detailed as any other art on canvas. From designs being created in the pages of books to other unexpected materials, these 11 beautiful handcrafted artworks will undoubtedly reinstate your love with paper crafts.

1. Folded Paper Artwork

folded paper artwork

With ‘NO’ glue, ink or stroke of brush or pen this folded paper artwork with the simple trick reflects the beauty of the design. The folds are so clear and precise that you can make out the pattern on the floor and along with the other elements and pieces in the room.

2. Animal Paper Artwork

animal paper artwork

As fine and as detailed as it can get, this lion paper cut artwork will leave you in awe of the craft. The artwork highlights even the minutest of elements and features with finesse and authenticity. We are certain if you look at the artwork from a distance you will confuse it to a lion sculpture and that readily denotes the level of expertise retained by the craftsmen.

3. Origami Masks

origami masks

This cute and simple animal origami mask is one way to not only lead your way into honing the paper craft but also a way to decorate your kid’s room in a playful and lively manner.

4. Handcut Paper Art

handcut paper art

This hand cut paper art reflects well on the details of the fierce creature. Right from the scales to the pointed feet and tail all the elements hold a 3D appearance and textured feel and effect. The clear detailing makes it easy for you to guess the creature right from the first glimpse.

5. Paper Portraits

paper portraits

Look twice before you come to the conclusion that this artwork is paint, it even did manage to fool us. The portrait is made with different shapes and strips of paper glued and pasted together to create an outline that shows the portrait of two kids.

6. Paper Landscape Art

paper bird artwork

This paper landscape art is another brilliant piece of paper art created with vibrant and colourful shades of paper placed together to create an amazing piece of drawing that accurately reflects on the scenic beauty of the place.

7. Paper Bird Artwork

paper bird artwork1

The quilling artwork created with multiple pieces of paper rolled tightly and pasted together to create the shape of the bird in the beautiful colours of yellow and black. The disorderly arrangement of the individual rolls signifies the texture of the feathers on the creature.

8. Laser Cut Paper Art

3d geometric wall sculpture

Remember or visualise the best piece of paper art ever seen by you and now multiply it by hundred and what comes out of this calculation will be duly equivalent to this laser paper cut drawing with extensive detail. This paper art will literally always let you find something new to look at every time you see the artwork.

9. 3D Geometric Wall Sculpture

3d wall

This colourful 3D geometric wall sculpture is various pieces of paper folded together in triangles of multiple sizes. These 3D triangles are then pasted together in a distinct pattern and appealing colour combination.

10. Flowers Paper Art

flowers paper art

Against a mute grey backdrop, the multiple flowers cut on paper reveal various shapes and patterns of flowers forming a huge paper flower collage that is as beautiful and unique as close to the original.

11. 3D Paper Art

3d paper art

This 3D paper art has multiple layers of paper cut in a distinct pattern to reveal the shape of the flower both textured on the surface and also through the layers beneath the surface.

We hope these amazing design provided you with just the desired information for beginning with your first paper related artwork.

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