Love signs and expressions are so cute that it can change the mood of anyone. The old love signs, with arrow crossing the heart is so boring that you will lose all the enthusiasm, after getting through them. It is time to get some new drawings. They are trendy and are having so many varieties that you will be confused about the selection.

Beautiful Couple

beautiful couple

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Symbol Of Love

symbol of love

Image source

Happy Cartoon Art

happy cartoon art

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Trendy love drawings include 3D images and the love signs bubbling out. The bubbling love signs will be expressed on your living room wall in such a style and design that it will refresh your mind, every time you see them.

Fair Love

fair love

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Cartoon Sketch

cartoon sketch

Image source

Beautiful Drawing

beautiful drawing2

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Pretty Deers

pretty deers

Image source

Fairy Tale Love Drawing

fairy tale love drawing

Image source

Ice cream Pair

ice cream pair

Image source

Little Mermaid

little mermaid

Image source

Lady Bug and Chat Noir Love

lady bug and chat noir love

Image source

Good Drawing

good drawing1

Image source

Nice Love Drawing

nice love drawing

Image source

Funny Drawing

funny drawing1

Image source

Cute Hands of Love

cute hands of love

Image source

Different arts and styles are there. 3D images are one sort of varieties, but there are other sorts too. You will get some love drawing, where instead of human, animals will be seen. There is the picture of mother and baby and loads of other passion-oriented love drawings. The number and variety of the designs are so many, that you will be really confused to find the best one for you.

You can use the drawings on your living room, or in your bedroom. However, the love images, where mother is caring her baby can be placed in your drawing room. It will be a sign of hospitality your guests will be getting from you.

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