Drawings and Art Ideas

The art of drawing as the foundation of all graphic designs. As designers find themselves getting by without the skill of drawing, learning how to solve problems in design with just a pencil will be enough training to solved issues with the most effective answers of digital approximation tools that are used in many palettes of your favorite design applications. The benefit of drawing is how designers can imitate the real deal with all the right digital tools by using the “pen” “pencil” “erasures” and “brushes.” As many of the greatest design apps are known to look natural, the latest update of CS5 is truly highlighting how natural the new tools are. Read More

What are Drawings in Media?

Using a variety of drawing instruments such as ink, pens, charcoal, pastels, chalks, metal points, crayons, or etching for incised drawings – other alternatives are markers, wax, graphite sticks, among various types of pens. Finished drawings use a stand-alone autonomous type of work, such as a cartoon, illustration, caricature, or graphic design. This is a type of graphic art that emphasizes on shape or form rather than color or mass in a painting.

What are the methods of Drawings?

There are a number of tools that can be used to draw including metal styli, chalks and charcoal, as well as pencils, pens, fountain pens, brushes, ball-point pens and felt pencils. For sketches of life models, charcoal is the number one chosen tool that is used in workshops and art academies. Chalk is a natural material with varied strokes from slightly granular towards homogeneously dense and smooth finishing’s. The quality of chalk is formed into soft convenient sticks as the addition of pigments also create various tints from brownish grey to rich black shades. Sanguine is an iron-oxide and chalk drawing pencil that was famously used by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Del Sarto and Raphael.  Sanguine offers great color differentiation when mixed with black and white chalks on colored paper.

Types of Drawing in Graphic Web

Drawing includes animation, comic strips, caricature, and cartoons along with sketching with charcoal, pencils or pen and ink. Simple illustrations involve black and white drawings to explain a simple text or work as a monochromatic illumination which is the art of embellishing texture through the use of alphabetical symbols and complex typographical. 3D drawings is the modern form as graphic art as it can be seen on various collections of beautiful flower drawings, skull drawings, and many more. Realistic drawings of dragons, animals, landscapes, nature, trees, and facial expressions dominated the amazing collections of fine pencil art.


A pencil drawing provides the perfect message to the viewers as it gives a message of your sense of art.