Tattoo designs mean differently to different people. Some like flowers, some love animals and then there is the bird loving category. Birds are pretty to look at and some even sing and talk. When it comes to birds, parrots can sing, talk and they are the friendliest of them all. Most people have them as pets and that’s what inspires them to get the parrot tattoo design. Let’s see how well the bird has been captured on these tattoos. We have 10 wonderful designs to look at and maybe you can decide to get one.

Traditional Parrot Tattoo

Traditional Parrot Tattoo Source

This is a traditional looking tattoo with lots of colors. The feathers of the parrot were done with fine detailing and each color is done accordingly and will make you want to keep staring at it. Each colour is visually appealing and will draw attention.

Pirate Parrot Tattoo Design

Pirate Parrot Tattoo Design Source

If you look closely this parrot looks like a pirate with the weird eye patch on it. It is a well-thought concept and apart from that the parrot looks so original and the colors are eccentric. They are done loudly so it looks a little subtle.

Old School Parrot Tattoo

Old School Parrot Tattoo Source

This is a tribal tattoo look creatively amazing. The black colouring done on it is well crafted and very different. Black is not a color we usually see on parrots and to see something this different is very nice. The tribal part is very well-thought of in terms of creativity.

Baby Parrot Tattoo Idea

Baby Parrot Tattoo Idea Source

This tattoo is so adorable to even look at. The baby parrot is designed on so cutely on the arm and if you look closely you will notice it is drinking out of a straw. This is the cutest and most adorable tattoo we have seen and we recommend this to anyone who has fallen in love with those innocent eyes.

Colorful Parrot Tattoo Design

Colorful Parrot Tattoo Design Source

Notice clearly, you will see great intricate work done on it. Each feather on the body is done with perfection and shading and drawing of the brand is just well done as the parrot. The colors used on it are just like on a parrot and this tattoo makes it look very realistic.

Flying Parrot Tattoo

Flying Parrot Tattoo Source

This is a splash of colors put together to make delightful flying parrot. The blue is visually appealing and we love how the pink compliments it perfectly. The placement of the tattoo gives it a better enticing effect.

Geometric Parrot Tattoo

Geometric Parrot Tattoo Source

This tattoo is so structurally well formulated. It’s proportionate from everywhere and the colors on it are beautiful. This overall is a very well done tattoo that one cannot ignore.

Parrot Tattoo on Shoulder

Parrot Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This is a fluffy tattoo with so much color, feathers and a lot of intricate work done on it. The parrot here for a change looks very fierce and is very different from what we have seen above. Undoubtedly this is glorious to look at.

Parrot Sleeve Tattoo Design

Parrot Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

There are flowers and so many pretty colors in this one frame. This is a perfect sleeve tattoo and would grab attention from afar. The flower and the beach give it a perfect vibe and the rainbow compliments the parrot perfectly. This is a depiction of how happy the parrot is.

Parrot Tattoo on Wrist

Parrot Tattoo on Wrist Source

This is quite similar to what we saw on top. There are perfect colors and perfect shapes.

Cute Green Parrot Tattoo

Cute Green Parrot Tattoo Source

Half Sleeve Parrot Tattoo

Half Sleeve Parrot Tattoo Source

Black Parrot Tattoo Idea

Black Parrot Tattoo Idea Source

Scary Parrot Tattoo

Scary Parrot Tattoo Source

Parrot Tattoo for Chest

Parrot Tattoo for Chest Source

Watercolor Parrot Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Parrot Tattoo Idea Source

Beautiful Parrot Tattoo Design

Beautiful Parrot Tattoo Design Source

Simple Parrot Tattoo Idea

Simple Parrot Tattoo Idea Source

Parrot Tattoo for Back

Parrot Tattoo for Back Source

Small Parrot Tattoo for Neck

Small Parrot Tattoo for Neck Source

Parrot Tattoo for Girls

Parrot Tattoo for Girls Source

Here were 10 beautiful, graceful and delightful parrot designs. Most of them were either on the sleeve or arm. Wherever you get it just make sure to include enough colors and it will look amazing.

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