When it comes to dealing with heat in a room, there is only one tool that can do the job: a fan. They are not just for cooling your body; fans work to help circulate air in a room preventing the space from being stuffy as well as maintain optimum levels of humidity. Whether you prefer ceiling or portable designs, in this list there are fan designs that will meet your needs and keep you cool. You may also See Curtain Designs

Ceiling Fan Design

ceiling fan designs

R.M. Buck Builders

Ceiling fan designs can be placed in any room. They work to provide cooling in an energy efficient way without changing the temperature of the room, unlike air conditioners. You can get ceiling fans that you can operate with a remote to change the speed or those with wall switches.

Kitchen Fan Ideas

kitchen fan ideas

Turan Designs, Inc.

When you accidently burn food in the kitchen, a fan will act as an exhaust by dispersing the smoky air out of the room and quickly circulate fresh air inside. If your kitchen space is small, then go for either a portable fan or box fans. However, if your area is large, then you need pedestal fans.

Modern Fan Designs

modern fan designs

Olsen Studios

There are various designs of modern fans including tower fans, purifier desk fans, air circulator and floor fans. Tower fans are usually vertical in shape, are quiet and perfect for small rooms. Floor fans are for places where you can’t mount a fan on the wall while purifier fans are for removing allergens.

Outdoor Fans

outdoor fans

Haiku Home by Big Ass Solutions

Outdoor fans tend to create a chilling breeze especially during summer when the temperatures are high. They feature a misting nozzle which forms a fine vapor that helps cool the body. You can place this type of fan in your backyard, patio, deck and a field when you are watching a game.

Rustic Fan Designs

rustic fan designs


While white and black are the popular colors of most fan designs, you can still get a rustic design to complement your vintage or country décor. They feature dark wood finishes which pair well with hand- forged metal accents, baskets, pottery and wooden carved items.

Small Fan Ideas

small fan ideas

Orion Design, Inc.

Even if it is in a small size, a fan will still perform the same functions of cooling and ventilation. Choose small fan designs such as table fans, tower fans, decorative fans, box fans and mini desk fans which are ideal for small room spaces. Place this type of fan closer to the area you want to cool.

Wall Mount Fans

wall mount fans

C-Reese Architectural Design

Wall mount fans create air circulation even in rooms with limited floor space such as garages, workshops, and warehouses. They are mounted on the wall hence provide more space in a room. These types of fans have oscillation controls which enables them to cool as well as ventilate the room.

Vintage Fan Designs

vintage fan designs

Baxter Design Group

Vintage fan designs complement homes with a traditional décor. They can include a gold or silver decoration on the motor and blades which help it look unique. They can also consist of light kits and a switch in an antique style and a switch to control the speed. You may also See Fireplace Mantel Designs

Patio Fun Ideas

patio fun ideas


When it comes to choosing your patio fan, opt for a design that can circulate and cool air without getting affected by the moisture or damp areas. Buy fans with a waterproof motor casing and blades made of all weather plastic material. Opt for mystic fan designs.

Bedroom Fan Designs

bedroom fan designs

Clayton&Little Architects

Bedroom fans should be quiet to allow people to sleep comfortably. Pedestal fans are perfect for the bedroom; they work by cooling the air especially during summer nights when the temperatures are high. You can also opt for ceiling fans that you can remote control the speed.

Living Room Fan Designs

living room fan designs

Rialto Property Partners, LLC

If you and your family spend a lot of time in the living room either watching TV or catching up then you need an energy efficient ceiling fan. These fans will make it easier to ventilate and cool the living room in a cost efficient way. If you prefer decorative fans, then go for a dual motor ceiling fan.

Bathroom Fans

bathroom fans

USI Design & Remodeling

The bathroom is frequently exposed to water which can create a stuffy space. However installing a bathroom exhaust fan can help remove any excess moisture which can cause the wall painting to start peeling or create molds. These fans also remove bad odor as well as stagnant air.

Home Gym Fan Designs

home gym fan designs

Jaffa Group Design Build

When you work out in your home gym, you will sweat resulting in bad odors. A ceiling fan with a powerful motor will cool the air and remove bad odor. You can also add a box fan which can eliminate stagnant air and cool the floor space where you are working out.

Entryway Fan Ideas

entryway fan ideas

Dan Ruhland Designs LLC

Make your entryway cooler by opting to add a fan. Depending on the size of your entryway choose a wall mounted fan to save on space. If you have a ceiling fan, then go for those with shades and finishes that match your home’s décor.

How Fans are Useful and Trends

Whether placed on the wall, floor or table, fans help circulate fresh air and cool the temperate. They also eliminate too much moisture, and humidity preventing your items from getting damaged. You can get fans in a wide variety of styles, color, and sizes enabling you to choose that which suits your space needs. With a fan, you don’t need to go and smoke outside because you can use it to expel the smoky air. You may also See Front Door Designs

Whether small or large, the right fan will cool and ventilate a room. Ceiling fans which have oscillating heads for efficient air circulation, come in different styles to complement both your furnishings and décor. They also blow in fresh air to keep humidity at optimum levels, dispel odor and decorate the room.

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