A brain tattoo is one of those arts that are rare and beautiful. The intricate design requires creativity that can only be achieved by an experienced artist. When done correctly, a brain tattoo becomes a symbol of freedom, intelligence and power. A brain design creates meaning that is unique to each person. So, get creative and get yourself one of this awesome brain tattoos.

Diamond with Brain Tattoo

diamond with brain tattoo


The brain is an organ that gives creative ideas. So why not get artistic by opting for a brain tattoo with a diamond. The glittery effect of a diamond makes this design suitable for both male and females.

Black Brain Sleeve Tattoo Design

black brain sleeve tattoo design


If you’re looking for a simple but rare ink design, then a black brain sleeve tattoo design is what you need. The simplicity of this design describes an intelligent individual who loves life and appreciates art.

Brain Tattoo Design on Thigh

brain tattoo design on thigh


Women love mystery. So why not embrace this idea by getting a brain tattoo on the thighs. Adding geometric patterns on the design gives the brain tattoo a modern and futuristic style.

Watercolor Brain Tattoo

watercolor brain tattoo1


Give a fun look to your brain tattoo by incorporating watercolors. The ability to turn a simple brain design into a colorful work of art removes the creepy element and adds a fun meaning that men can appreciate.

Colorful Brain Tattoo Idea

colorful brain tattoo idea


Girls are emotional creatures and what better way to represent your feelings than by opting for a colorful brain tattoo. What’s unique about this design is you can shade the different sections of the brain using your favorite colors.

Brain and Heart Tattoo Idea

brain and heart tattoo idea


The heart and brain are important organs that are associated with decisions and intelligence. Combine a brain and heart tattoo design to describe your ability to work efficiently in a team. Ladies can go for this tattoo to reveal loyalty to their partners.

Skull and Monkey With Brain Tattoo

skull and monkey with brain tattoo


A skull and monkey with a brain tattoo depict mischief in a mysterious way. While the skull addition may portray fear or death combining it with an animal and brain design exudes creativity that is unmatched.

Neo Traditional Brain Tattoo

neo traditional brain tattoo


If you love bold colors and patterns, then a neon traditional brain tattoo is perfect for you. While a conventional brain tattoo is cool, you can make it more energetic by including bold colors around the design.

Blue Brain Tattoo Idea

blue brain tattoo idea


Mandala Colorful Brain Tattoo

mandala colorful brain tattoo


Brain Tattoo Design on Shoulder

brain tattoo design for shoulder


While most tattoo design for men brings out their masculine traits, incorporating neon colors will give the brain tattoo a feminine design. With unique meanings such as intelligence and creativity, a brain tattoo is a must have for any brainiac.

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