When it comes to choosing flower tattoos, a rose will rank top. Popular with both guys and girls, rose tattoos have different symbolic meaning depending on color. These tattoo designs are timeless, elegant and depict love. It’s not just the petals that make this flower beautiful, the thorns represent defense and act as a reminder that even beautiful objects have some rough edges. Incorporating other elements gives a rose tattoo a personal touch and an edge.

Black Rose Tattoos

If you’d rather have a flower that is not common, then black rose tattoos will be perfect for you. The black ink color will contrast with many skin tones, giving this tattoo a gothic effect that will help express grief, rebellion or death. Use this tattoo to remember a lost loved one.

Gothic Black Rose Tattoo

gothic rose tattoo


Traditional Rose Tattoos

Traditional rose tattoos are done in red color and depict passion, love, and hope. A man usually gives a red rose to a woman to express their love enabling these tattoos to act as a memorable souvenir. If a romantic meaning is what you need to show, then choose rose tattoos.

Neo Traditional Rose Tattoo

neo traditional rose tattoo


Quote Traditional Rose Tattoo

quoted traditional rose tattoos


Rose Sleeve Tattoos

While Rose sleeve tattoos can look beautiful on ladies, they will look even more fabulous on a man’s arm. Rose tattoos with colors will help showcase the masculine nature of the arm and enhance its beauty. Get these tattoos during summer when people often wear sleeveless clothes.

Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo



Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo



Money Rose Tattoo Designs

If you need to depict the beauty of what money can buy, then incorporate a rose to a money tattoo. Money rose tattoo designs tend to feature the dollar bill in the spiral form of a rose or the vines of the flower interweaving themselves around money to create a stunning design for the arm.

Money Rose Tattoo on Palm

money rose tattoo on plam


Small Rose Tattoos

Small rose tattoos are suitable for ladies who want an inconspicuous design. Placing small rose tattoo on the wrist, ankle or finger will complement the beauty of your hands and draw attention towards that particular body part. In case you don’t want to show it off then place it behind the ear.

Small Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

small rose tattoo on shoulder


Skull and Rose Tattoos

Instead of making the skull look scary by shading it in black why not give it color by adding a rose flower. Skull rose tattoos look cute even for those people who associate the symbol with death. If you are getting a sugar skull, then your rose has to be in a subtle shade.

Skull and Rose Sleeve Tattoo



Traditional Skull and Rose Tattoo



Red Rose Tattoo Ideas

The red rose is a known symbol for true love or sacrifice and is a favorite sighting during Valentine day. Red rose tattoos have vast symbolic meanings which are based on the number of petals and whether the rose is in a bud form or open.

Red Rose Tattoo on Shoulder



3D Red Rose Tattoo



Tribal Rose Tattoos

Roses were a popular in ancient Romans and Greek cultures that associated this flower with the goddess of love. Whether you are interested in the meaning or just love the design, then go for tribal rose tattoos which are attractive and suitable for men. These designs tend to incorporate black and red line colors.

Rose Arm Tattoo Designs

The arm is a good place to ink a rose tattoo. It provides adequate space on which the size of the rose can fit and still stand out. The trick is to ensure it doesn’t wrap around the arm instead it should take up the entire space of the arm if what you want is a large design.

Realistic Rose Arm Tattoo

rose arm tattoo


Shoulder Rose Tattoos Designs

To enhance the attractiveness of your shoulders then just add a rose tattoo. Suitable for guys as well as girls inking your design in black ink only will complement your pale or warm skin tone. For a bold look opt for a large rose and place it to cover your entire shoulder.

Shoulder Red Rose Tattoo

shoulder rose tattoos


Geometric Rose Tattoos

If a modern design is what you are looking for, then geometric rose tattoos will suit you. These tattoo designs use simple shapes, lines and dot work to showcase the beauty of a rose flower. People who want bold ink designs will also appreciate these tattoos.

Small Geometric Rose Tattoo



Geometric Rose Tattoo on Hip



Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

Compass rose tattoo designs were favorite designs for sailors who got them as a symbol of good luck and protective measure against the unpredictable shores. These tattoos have a basic design of the four cardinal directions surrounded by roses. The North Star can also be placed inside a rose.

Rose and Heart Tattoo Designs

Combining a rose with heart tattoos is a powerful way to portray true love or intense passion. Rose and Heart tattoo designs are so versatile that they can be inked in small, large, colorful and even include the name of a loved one or text with special meaning.

Vintage Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos don’t have to look big and bright; a simple rose in a vintage style can easily depict your unique personality. Place this tattoo in unusual body area to give it a personal attachment and consider a small size which makes a subtle statement.

Vintage Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

vintage rose tattoos


The deep symbolic meaning of rose tattoos is what makes them so alluring and popular to men as well as women. You can ink this flower on any part of the body to symbolize love, beauty, and passion. Give your rose tattoo a religious meaning by integrating it with cross tattoos.

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