Flower tattoo designs are no doubt popular, particularly among women tattoo enthusiasts. This is because these can be created in a variety of colors and designs. You can have a cute single red rose bud with just two leaves, or a bouquet of roses or mixed flowers, either in shades of black and grey or in multi-colors with leaves of various shades of green that enhance the tattoos’ overall artistic beauty.

Rose tattoo designs, in particular, are the most sought after as they give all tattooists the liberty of giving shape to their imagination by way of applying myriad colors and numerous design choices that come with them.

Black Rose Tattoo Design

black rose tattoo design


This tattoo is a bouquet of roses in shades of grey and the flowers details have been expertly portrayed. Undoubtedly the work of a professional and the tattoo size is large enough to immediately grab attention.

Skull and Rose Tattoo Design

skull and rose tattoo designv


The human skull, replete with its toothy grin, combines here with the rose on top. The anatomical details of the skull are portrayed expertly as are the roses and its accompanying leaf details. Done in various shades of grey, this makes a classic and traditional tattoo. You may also see Poppy Tattoo Designs

Red Rose Tattoo Design

red rose tattoo design


The traditional red rose displayed in all its splendor! The 7 numerical on the three fingers ? index, middle and ring ? as also the flower pattern on the ring finger add to the overall charm of the work. The roses shading in black gives it a 3-dimensional look. Commendable.

Rose Vine Tattoo Design

rose vine tattoo design


This tattoo done in black and grey stands out because of the vines that grow around the rose. The butterfly adds to its overall appeal and gives out that perfectly natural look. The tattoo grabs your attention because of the intricate work which only a thoroughbred professional can deliver.

Traditional Rose Tattoo Design

traditional rose tattoo design


The classic red rose with its cluster of green leaves surrounding it. The well-defined outlines in black add to the details as does the shading in grey in the roses center. Ideal for placement on the forearm because of its size.

Rose Heart Tattoo Design

rose heart tattoo design


The design has been cleverly modified to resemble a heart and its physiological details are appropriately portrayed through expert shading work in grey.

Small Rose Tattoo Design

small rose tattoo design


The single rose bud in red with its long green stem and two leaves reminds you of traditional rosebud embroidery on ladies? garments. Ideal for those who prefer small and intricate designs.

New School Rose Tattoo

new school rose tattoo


The forearm is decorated with two large roses, strategically placed in a single row, with leaf clusters in shades of black and grey. The flower details come through appropriately and prove that it is the work of a professional.

Awesome Rose Tattoo Design

awesome rose tattoo design


Elegant Red Rose Tattoo Idea

red rose tattoo idea


Rose and Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

rose and butterfly tattoo on shoulder


Rose Tattoo on Elbow

rose tattoo on elbow


Beautiful Rose Tattoo Design

beautiful rose tattoo design


Old School Rose Tattoo Design

old school rose tattoo design


Tattoo designs for women have largely been flora and fauna-centric in the past and continue to be so till date. Like floral printed dresses have always been a favorite with women, so have rose tattoos. Irrespective of size, they look most elegant no matter on which part of the body they are placed, be it on the forearm, shoulder, half-sleeve, palm, throat or neck. After all, a rose is a rose and its beauty simply cannot be surpassed under any circumstances. Rose tattoo designs, therefore, are ageless and are here to stay for all times!

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