Gothic is usually referred to macabre or dark elements. When you look at gothic tattoos you usually see skulls, apart from this there are different variations too. We went over social media and found these crazy Goth tattoos, very different from what we usually see. We would recommend this to all you tattoo lovers looking for something different.

Gothic Style Skull Tattoo

Gothic Style Skull Tattoo Source

This tattoo is styled to show affliction. If you look closely you will find a coffin in which the skeleton and the lady are having an intimate moment. The red coloring done onto it gives it a very dark, scary feel and look.

Grey Color Tattoo for Men

Grey Color Tattoo for Men Source

This tattoo here shows a demented lady and the design is perfect to be  tattooed on your back. The gray coloring and shading done on the tattoo makes it look very natural. Overall this design is very well thought off

Unique Tattoo with Skull and Rose

Unique Tattoo with Skull and Rose Source

The creativity used in this tattoo gives an edge to the design. The beautiful red roses done in between the skulls make it look very eccentric. Overall it looks very attractive and very creative.

Scary Half Sleeve Tattoo

Scary Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

This breaks the monotony of the skull and ventures into the dragon zone. Dragons are known for rage and this particular tattoo has red all over it. This is also known as a Satan tattoo

Black Art Work Flower Tattoo

Black Art Work Flower Tattoo Source

Elegance is the key to any good tattoo and this particular one has nailed it in that aspect. It is a skull with a flower in the mouth but it is designed so elegantly and perfectly that we suggest this to all of you.

Awesome Spider Tattoo on Arm

Awesome Spider Tattoo on Arm Source

Now, every time you flex you have something to show off.  You get to feel like spiderman in this tattoo; maybe a Goth version of spiderman, and it looks absolutely stunning. The placement of the tattoo is very different and nice. The place is unusual but the design fits in.

Best Lady Tattoo on Hand

Best Lady Tattoo on Hand Source

This vampire tattoo is done to perfection. Each feature of the girl is well thought of and designed meticulously. We love the whole idea of this tattoo and all the thought that has been put into it.

Dark Crow Tattoo Idea

Dark Crow Tattoo Idea Source

The crow is considered to be an omen. This tattoo is done so well. The shading and all the intricate designing has done onto the crow is so perfect.  W love how realistic the tattoo looks.

Beautiful Chest Tattoo for Men

Beautiful Chest Tattoo for Men Source

This tattoo of an evil lady on the chest is a very dainty design. Her evil aura makes the tattoo very different and visually appealing.

Simple Gothic Tattoo Design

Simple Gothic Tattoo Design Source

The skull inside a heart with the smoke coming out is such a brilliantly thought of design. The skull is done so well and black heart just gives it a complete look. This is very innovative and we love the design.

Pretty Line Work Tattoo on Foot

Pretty Line Work Tattoo on Foot Source

Wonderful Tattoo on Thigh

Wonderful Tattoo on Thigh Source

Cute Cartoon Tattoo for Women

Cute Cartoon Tattoo for Women Source

Realistic Tattoo for Men

Realistic Tattoo for Men Source

Cute Butterfly Tattoo Design

Cute Butterfly Tattoo Design Source

Amazing Wolf Tattoo Art

Amazing Wolf Tattoo Art Source

Cool Arm Tattoo Design

Cool Arm Tattoo Design Source

Gorgeous Gothic Tattoo Design Idea

Gorgeous Gothic Tattoo Design Idea Source

Creative Tattoo for Men

Creative Tattoo for Men Source

Colorful Gothic Tattoo Idea

Colorful Gothic Tattoo Idea Source

Skeleton Palm Tattoo

Skeleton Palm Tattoo Source

So all you Goth lovers, these are few tattoos we have chosen for you and each of it will have a deeper meaning than portrayed. Each design tells us something different and we love how everything is so well thought off. Shading and coloring definitely has a role to play but most importantly it is the conceptualization that matters.

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