All you bike fanatics, we have something exciting for you. Biker tattoos are unique designs that are adorned by the community of bike fans. Riding a motorcycle gives you a feeling of liberation and the tattoos help you reflect these feelings. If you are crazy about tattoos and bikes, then this one is bang on the perfect for you.

Unique Biker Tattoo Design

Unique Biker Tattoo Design Source

This biker tattoo has a unique design. It perfectly depicts the life of every biker. The bike is drawn out so well and the coloring onto it makes it look defined.

Colorful Tattoo Design

Colorful Tattoo Design Idea Source

We love the humor in this tattoo. The design is creative and funny. The artist has perfectly created the bike and added a humorous touch by adding a hot dog.

Traditional Dragon Tattoo Idea

Traditional Dragon Tattoo Idea Source

We love the idea of ‘dragon on a bike’. This traditional dragon is done to perfection. If you look closely the bike design also resembles the dragon. Overall this design looks exhilarating.

Black and Grey Half Sleeve Tattoo

Black and Grey Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

This uber cool bike design depicts much more than merely a bike. It includes a lot of other factors that are associated with a biker’s life. This is the perfect combination of black and gray.

Awesome Motorcycle Tattoo for Men

Awesome Motorcycle Tattoo for Men Source

We love the colors on this tattoo and how again with the road and buildings it depicts the life of a biker. A biker is always happy riding on an endless road and that is shown in this picture.

Cool Skeleton Tattoo on Hand

Cool Skeleton Tattoo on Hand Source

This fascinating skull biker tattoo is so unique and funky. It is an unconventional design that has been beautifully colored, making it look distinct and nice.

Cute Bike Wheel Tattoo

Cute Bike Wheel Tattoo Source

This is a very simple design of a wheel with wings. The design is very basic and minimal. This is for someone who loves bikes but doesn’t want to get the entire thing designed. But we do love the idea of the wings added to the wheels.

Realistic Bike Tattoo Design

Realistic Bike Tattoo Design Source

This tattoo looks very elegant and macho. The design done looks absolutely realistic. This tattoo will definitely make heads turn and you will be the center of attention. We would recommend this to anyone who wants to keep the look very realistic.

Pretty Tattoo on Chest

Pretty Tattoo on Chest Source

This again is a wheel tattoo with wings. This basically depicts freedom. The red shading added onto it gives it a complete look and makes it look unconventional.

Trendy Bike Tattoo Design

Trendy Bike Tattoo Design Source

This design is very accelerating and gives out a pumping biker feel. This design gives out energy and makes you feel confident. Most importantly it brings out the love you have for bikes. This trendy design is something we would recommend.

Fashionable Chest Tattoo for Men

Fashionable Chest Tattoo for Men Source

Beautiful Motorcycle Tattoo

Beautiful Motorcycle Tattoo Source

Awesome Back Tattoo for Men

Awesome Back Tattoo for Men Source

Retro Style Bike Tattoo

Retro Style Bike Tattoo Source

Harley Davidson Tattoo on Hand

Harley Davidson Tattoo on Hand Source

Creative Men Tattoo Design

Creative Men Tattoo Design Source

Gorgeous Biker Tattoo Idea

Gorgeous Biker Tattoo Idea Source

Black and Red Tattoo

Black and Red Tattoo Source

Funky Biker Tattoo

Funky Biker Tattoo Source

Elegant Ink Tattoo for Men

Elegant Ink Tattoo for Men Source

Multi Color Motorcycle Tattoo

Multi Color Motorcycle Tattoo Source

These are the 10 crazy, eccentric, accelerating designs we have fallen in love with. The idea is to show the love for bikes and freedom. We love the entire concept behind each and every design. Anyone out there who loves bikes and long rides and wants to get a tattoo then here are few options to choose from.

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