People go for tattoo designs that best describes their personality. Some people also get a tattoo to show their love for certain animals such as a crab tattoo. With traits such as cute, passionate and resourceful it’s no wonder a squirrel tattoo is a favorite among many people. Whether small or large, a squirrel tattoo design can help show your personality.

Traditional Squirrel Tattoo

Traditional Squirrel Tattoo Source

With symbolic meanings such as resourceful, full of speed, restless and agility, squirrel tattoo is a must have for anyone with such unique traits. This beautiful design is bold enough to help you express your personality without talking. You may also see Bear Tattoo Designs

Geometric Squirrel Tattoo

Geometric Squirrel Tattoo Source

This geometric squirrel tattoo is perfect for ladies who want to portray creativity and boldness. The sketch style makes this design unique while the line work gives it a chic look. Opt to get this tattoo on the sleeve to make it stand out.

Black Squirrel Tattoo

Black Squirrel Tattoo Source

If a symbolic meaning is not what you are looking for in a tattoo, then opt for a good design such as this black squirrel tattoo. The intense dark color gives this tattoo a mysterious effect while the large size helps it stand out.

3D Squirrel Tattoo

3D Squirrel Tattoo Source

3D technology makes it easier to create unique and exceptional tattoo designs. So, show your love for this technology by getting this 3D squirrel tattoo. Men can opt for a dark ink color while women can add vibrant flower tattoos.

Black and Gray Squirrel Tattoo

Black and Gray Squirrel Tattoo Source

If bold and colorful tattoos don’t inspire you, then this cute black and gray squirrel tattoo should do the job. Since squirrels tend to get their nuts from trees, then the best way to symbolize that is through this dot work design.

Watercolor Squirrel Tattoo

Watercolor Squirrel Tattoo Source

To make a simple gray squirrel ink art stand out, then opt to add watercolors around it. This colorful tattoo is just too beautiful. So show off this design by putting it on a body part where other people can see it easily.

Small Squirrel Tattoo

Small Squirrel Tattoo Source

Get a small tattoo if you’re not sure about the design or if it’s your first time getting a tattoo. This small squirrel tattoo is cute. Instead of the standard gray or black color opt for a vibrant shade.

Half Sleeve Squirrel Tattoo

Half Sleeve Squirrel Tattoo Source

Trees usually contain various animals and insects and what better way to symbolize this society than by combining a squirrel with a wolf tattoo. The large size makes it perfect as a half sleeve tattoo while adding flowers makes it chic.

Squirrel with Cap Tattoo

Squirrel with Cap Tattoo Source

If a traditional element is what attracts you to in a body art, then go for this squirrel with a hat tattoo. The bold yellow flower on the hat and a red rose gives this tattoo a feminine yet cool look.

Squirrel Wrist Tattoo

Squirrel Wrist Tattoo Source

A cute squirrel wrist tattoo is perfect for girls as well as boys. Fathers tend to symbolize dependence, balance, and preparation. So, opt to get this squirrel and add a banner tattoo to keep the memory of your father alive. You may also see Biker Tattoo Designs

Running Squirrel Tattoo Design

Running Squirrel Tattoo Design Source

Animal Tattoo for Men

Animal Tattoo for Men Source

Black Work Squirrel Tattoo

Black Work Squirrel Tattoo Source

Squirrel Tattoo on Forearm

Squirrel Tattoo on Forearm Source

Colorful Squirrel Tattoo on Thigh

Colorful Squirrel Tattoo on Thigh Source

Old School Squirrel Tattoo

Old School Squirrel Tattoo Source

Squirrel Shoulder Tattoo for Women

Squirrel Shoulder Tattoo for Women Source

Beautiful Squirrel Tattoo Design

Beautiful Squirrel Tattoo Design Source

Squirrel Tattoo Design on Leg

Squirrel Tattoo Design on Leg Source

Line Work Squirrel Tattoo

Line Work Squirrel Tattoo Source

Squirrel Tattoo with Branches

Squirrel Tattoo with Branches Source

How a squirrel tattoo best describes personality?

A squirrel tattoo is a symbol of practicality. The ability of this animal to hide nuts when in plenty and eat them during winter is a moral lesson that humans practice.

Symbolic meaning of a squirrel tattoo

Due to its speed, a squirrel tattoo symbolizes lightning while its red fur is associated with fire. Since this cute animal tends to gather food during summer, it also symbolizes energy and vitality.

A squirrel is a social animal with a broad range of meanings that apply to humans. Just as a bull tattoo portrays strength the way a squirrel works hard to gather its food also shows the power of this animal. So, whether in geometric or traditional design, a squirrel tattoo can help you best express your personality.

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