A waterfall tattoo is a personal mark with a deep meaning. It’s a symbol of overcoming life obstacles. A Koi fish tattoo which is popular in Chinese and Japanese culture can be added to a waterfall design to express perseverance, courage and the desire to live a better life. Whether your drawn to the artistic design or you just want a reminder of your bravery, these awesome waterfall tattoo design will look good on your body.

Black and White Waterfall Tattoo

Black and White Waterfall Tattoo Source

If you’re looking for a unique ink art that symbolizes life’s great adversity, then go for this black and white waterfall tattoo. Placing the waterfall under the eye represents the pain or hardship you’ve gone through.

Tiger Waterfall Tattoo Design

Tiger Waterfall Tattoo Design Source

A colorful jungle tattoo is a symbol of courage and ability to face life head on. Suitable for men who love vibrant colors; this waterfall tiger tattoo is both elegant and fun. The large size will look good on a man’s back.

Japanese Waterfall Tattoo

Japanese Waterfall Tattoo Source

Men who admire Japanese culture or nature can go for this beautiful Japanese waterfall tattoo to depict masculinity. The trees and mountain give this design authenticity that any tattoo lover will appreciate. Add a blue color on the waterfall.

Waterfall Back Tattoo

Waterfall Back Tattoo Source

Waterfalls are often paired with lotus flower to symbolize rebirth, success and good fortune. Incorporating a tiger tattoo which according to Chinese culture is a symbol of prosperity will help your waterfall tattoo look vibrant and stand out.

Waterfall Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Waterfall Sleeve Tattoo Idea Source

In Chinese zodiac a tiger ranks top amongst the most powerful animals that has the capability of driving away evil spirits. What better way to represent this animal than in a waterfall sleeve tattoo. Opt to use more than two bold colors.

Fairy Waterfall Tattoo Design

Fairy Waterfall Tattoo Design Source

This fairy waterfall tattoo design depicts a beautiful Hawaiian island. Made using vibrant colors, the tropical flowers add an authenticity to this nature tattoo. Popular in Japanese and Hawaiian culture, a hibiscus flower is a symbol of respect and power.

Waterfall Arm Tattoo

Waterfall Arm Tattoo Source

If you need a simple black body art then this unique waterfall arm tattoo is what you need to blend in with other tattoo lovers. The rocky cliff, Winding River, half moon and pine trees create a deep meaning to the individual.

Traditional Waterfall Tattoo

Traditional Waterfall Tattoo Source

This traditional waterfall tattoo is suitable for ladies who love expressing a deep meaning through body art. Colorful and beautiful, this wave tattoo makes use of shells and vines to illustrate a beach scenery. Adding a mirror depicts truthfulness.

Buddha Waterfall Tattoo

Buddha Waterfall Tattoo Source

If a traditional tattoo is what you’re into, then this Buddha waterfall tattoo will look good on your arm. Suitable for ladies who want to express their religious view, this large design incorporates bright flowers and a blue colored waterfall.

Koi Waterfall Tattoo Design

Koi Waterfall Tattoo Design Source

In Japanese culture a Koi fish is a symbol of love, masculinity and passion. This fish can travel upstream, swim against current and waterfall. So, what better way to also portray perseverance than through this attractive Koi waterfall tattoo design.

Waterfall Color Tattoo

Waterfall Color Tattoo Source

Waterfall Green Tattoo Idea

Waterfall Green Tattoo Idea Source

Quality large size tattoo will take time. So you to be free for at least 3 hours in order to get a massive waterfall tattoo on your back. You also need to eat before going to a tattoo artist to prevent any interruptions or feeling lightheaded.

Waterfall Tattoo for Full Sleeve

Waterfall Tattoo for Full Sleeve Source

Butterfly with Waterfall Tattoo

Butterfly with Waterfall Tattoo Source

When getting a permanent tattoo it’s crucial to consider the meaning, color, design and placement. You also have to go for a professional artist who can easily replicate the design you want.

Eye Waterfall Tattoo Idea

Eye Waterfall Tattoo Idea Source

Modern Waterfall Tattoo

Modern Waterfall Tattoo Source

Waterfall tattoos represent different meanings depending on which symbol takes center stage in your body art. Polynesian tattoo designs that incorporate waves symbolize fertility, the life beyond, courage and persistence. Whatever waterfall design you choose it will surely look good on you and get you compliments and admiration from other people.

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