Do you have a crazy tattoo that makes everyone turn around and look at you and your tattoo twice? Well, have you ever thought of getting a wolf tattoo ? We went through the Internet over and over again to find some crazy wolf tattoos and we have listed them down for you if, at all, you ever decide to get one.

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo Source

This amazing wolf design where half of it is how the animal actually looks but the other half is designed so artistically and has more than just fur drawn over. You have got to love the intricate work done on it.

Awesome Wolf Tattoo on Chest

Awesome Wolf Tattoo on Chest Source

We are starting to feel like Jacob from Twilight after looking at this design. The wolf tattooed on the chest is all over the upper body looks ferocious and fierce. We wonder how much time this would have taken.

Small Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Small Wolf Thigh Tattoo Source

You have got to show some leg girl if you are getting a tattoo like this. The black wolf that is shaped out in a dream catcher is a dreamy tattoo. It is fierce yet we want to call it pretty. We love it for the creative design.

Wolf Hand Tattoo

Wolf Hand Tattoo Source

We never understood geometry back in the days but we surely get it with this tattoo. The wolf is drawn out so perfectly with the edges and corners. The shading done to it is perfect and it will grab much attention for sure.

Cute Wolf Sleeve Tattoo for Women

Cute Wolf Sleeve Tattoo for Women Source

Ladies, it is time to cry out wolf. Get your sleeveless tops out and show the damn tattoo. This tattoo looks opulent and will stand out amongst the crowd of tattoos. The thought behind the half design of the upper and lower part is so interesting.

Black Wolf Palm Tattoo

Black Wolf Palm Tattoo Source

We have not come across many palm tattoos and this was a very interesting one that caught our attention. It is usually the hand, leg, hip, back and chest, but wow. The wolf on the palm look different and next time you shake hand, do it in style.

Growling Wolf Tattoo on Neck

Growling Wolf Tattoo on Neck Source

Let the tattoo do the talking for you. The roar of the wolf is very ferocious, this tattoo is speaking for itself. Perfect shading and the black-red combination is a perfect blend.

Animal Wolf Tattoo for Men

Animal Wolf Tattoo for Men Source

All the men out there, you have some bodybuilding to do for this tattoo. Well, if you already have that perfect body, then just flex and flaunt it off. The wolf designed to perfection with tribal art looks perfectly neat and attractive.

Cute Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Cute Wolf Thigh Tattoo Source

Bring out those dresses; you need to show this off. The crisp work on the tattoo is so intricate and looks visually appealing. With the beautiful work, you almost ignore the size of this amazing tattoo.

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo for Girl

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo for Girl Source

Look at how cute that is, that’s how people are going to be reacting to the tattoo when they see it and well you can graciously take the compliment.

So, you have seen all of them. Which one is it going to be for you? Whatever you choose, just carry it out with confidence.

Wolf Tattoo Design for Hip

Wolf Tattoo Design for Hip Source

Colorful Wolf Tattoo on Stomach

Colorful Wolf Tattoo on Stomach Source

Trendy Wolf Tattoo for Men

Trendy Wolf Tattoo for Men Source

Wolf Tattoo for Neck

Wolf Tattoo for Neck Source

Funny Wolf Tattoo

Funny Wolf Tattoo Soucre

Finger Wolf Design Tattoo

Finger Wolf Design Tattoo Source

Simple Tattoo Design

Simple Tattoo Design Source

Modern Wolf Tattoo for Girl

Modern Tattoo for Girl Source

Chest Wolf Tattoo

Chest Wolf Tattoo Source

Horror Wolf Tattoo Design

Horror Wolf Tattoo Design Source

Wolf Tattoo for Palm

Wolf Tattoo for Palm Source

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