Tattoo designs that represent car, mechanical items, garage, etc are preferred by people who follow the cult of ska or steam punk. Car tattoo is an elaborate tattoo found on the back portion or the shoulders of muscular men. You can get a car tattoo on your arms as well. They are monochromatic in color and give a masculine look to the wearer. Alternatively, you can also go for the Polynesian tattoo that has sun as a part of the design.

Muscle Car Tattoo Design

Muscle Car Tattoo Design Source

This is a tattoo made in black ink alone. A retro car stands on a chequered floor on this design. You may also see Anchor Tattoo Designs

Car Tattoo on Shoulder

Car Tattoo on Shoulder Source

A man of any age can sport this design on their shoulder. This is a tattoo of a jeep and is one of the good tattoo designs for men. Women who are bikers and into sports can use these tattoo designs on their arms or back.

Car Sleeve Tattoo Design

Car Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

This looks good on arms and is suitable for men of age group above twenty-five years of age. This is not suitable for teenage boys.

Race Car Tattoo Idea

Race Car Tattoo Idea Source

Are you into racing cars? Flaunt your passions for racing cars with this tattoo design. There is also text that is displayed in the tattoo. It is only suitable for men who work in garage. If you are a man working in a corporate, avoid these kinds of tattoos by all means.

Old Car Tattoo on Hand

Old Car Tattoo on Hand Source

This is an artistic design, and anyone who has fascination for retro cars can go for this tattoo. This is a simple and an elegant design in tattoos of car.

Colorful Car Tattoo on Back

Colorful Car Tattoo on Back Source

This is a colorful car tattoo. It also has a text art in yellow color. Tattoos represent your beliefs. You can choose a design that suits your profession, faith, or interest in something.

Black and Gray Car Tattoo

Black and Gray Car Tattoo Source

This tattoo represents a car standing next to a motel. The entire exterior scene of the motel is tattooed onto the arm of a man. This is  an interesting tattoo.

Traditional Car Tattoo on Chest

Traditional Car Tattoo on Chest Source

A moving car tattoo design is drawn on the chest. You can go in for a mechanic tattoo design that could represent tools, vehicles, or any other mechanical symbol. Women too can sport this traditional design of car tattoo.

Car Tattoo for Girls

Car Tattoo for Girls Source

A purple colored car tattoo that is drawn with a swirly text and red colored hearts is suitable for girls. If you want to go for something different and not a girly design, this tattoo design could be more apt. There is also a symbol of peace tattooed onto the arm, below the car. Wear dresses or clothes that do not hide this tattoo.

Classic Car Tattoo Design

Classic Car Tattoo Design Source

A red car design that has black smoke coming out of the rear end of the car is depicted in this tattoo design. It is drawn on the forearm and is suitable for young women and men.

Car Tattoo on Foot

Car Tattoo on Foot Source

Beautiful Car Tattoo on Hand

Beautiful Car Tattoo on Hand Source

Red Car Tattoo Design

Red Car Tattoo Design Source

Watercolor Car Tattoo on Leg

Watercolor Car Tattoo on Leg Source

Simple Car Tattoo Idea

Simple Car Tattoo Idea Source

Car Tattoo on Palm

Car Tattoo on Palm Source

Car Tattoo on Elbow

Car Tattoo on Elbow Source

Car Shoulder Tattoo Design

Car Shoulder Tattoo Design Source

Unique Car Tattoo Idea

Unique Car Tattoo Idea Source

Car Tattoo on Thigh

Car Tattoo on Thigh Source

Black Work Car Tattoo Design

Black Work Car Tattoo Design Source

Tattoo designs come in umpteen motifs. Sleeve tattoos could be elaborate or just schematic. You can choose a theme or simply a single item that can be tattooed onto the arms.

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