Your hairstyle is the first thing that people see about you, and it can make a great impression if you look good. This list has put together some great shaved hair designs, suitable for both men and women so that you can make a great first impression whilst still looking cool and modern. These hairstyles give you a great look, and are quite edgy and modern for a unique look, giving you the best ideas for haircut possible. You may also see Shaved Side Hairstyles for Men

Natalie Dormer Side Shaved Hair Design

natalie dormer side shaved hair design

This hairstyle combines a classic, elegant curled hairstyle with a modern and edgy undercut. This style is a twist on the classic hairstyle, which is a beautiful hairstyle and gives it a modern touch. This hairstyle is perfect for the younger woman who wants to play with the boundaries of elegance and popular culture. You may also see Balding Hairstyle Designs

Jaime Pressly Shaved Hair Design for Girls

jaime pressly shaved hair design for girls

This hairstyle is a shaved hairstyle that is particularly for women. The style is a smaller undercut on the left side of a pixie cut. It is beautiful and can be styled and coloured in many different ways.

Cassie Half Shaved Hair Design

cassie half shaved hair design

This hairstyle is another glamorous, curled hairstyle with a modern and edgy twist. The shaved part of the hairstyle consists of around half of the head, and is the perfect hairstyle for younger women, but is also suitable for older women, no matter the colour and texture of the hair.

Miley Cyrus Shaved Hair Design for Short Hair

miley cyrus shaved hair design for short hair

This hairstyle is a much shorter hairstyle than some of the other hairstyles on this list. This shaved hairstyle is more feminine on the ‘short back and sides’ that is popular in male hairstyles. Miley Cyrus sported it earlier and it has become a popular style ever since.

Kelly Osbourne Crazy Shaved Hair Design

kelly osbourne crazy shaved hair design

This shaved hair design is a very hipster styled shaved hair design. It is another take on the ‘short back and sides’ of male hair culture, but this hair design uses much more eccentric colours in it’s design. This shaved hair design also has a small area that is completely shaved to reveal a tattoo.

Scarlett Johansson Back Shaved Hair Design

scarlett johansson back shaved hair design

The Scarlett Johansson shaved hair design shaves the side of the head with a longer piece of hair on top that is gelled backwards. This hairstyle design is a slightly more feminine take on another popular masculine hair design. Scarlett Johansson wears her hair as a natural blonde, but this design could be used with any colour of hair.

Zayn Malik Mens Shaved Hair Design

zayn malik mens shaved hair design

This is a design for men and is a typical hairstyle that shaves the entire head. This hair design is quite striking, as it is clean cut and quite professional looking. This style makes the most of the natural colour of your hair. You may also see Low Fade Comb Over Hairstyles

Raven Symone Blonde Shaved Hairstyle

raven symone blonde shaved hairstyle

This hairstyle is similar to the Scarlett Johansson shaved hairstyle design, except this design, has a platinum blonde body of hair with natural coloured shaved sides. It is a feminine take on a masculine classic and is quite striking and edgy.

Cher Lloyd Undercut Shaved Hairstyle Idea

cher lloyd undercut shaved hairstyle idea

This shaved hair undercut design is another twist on the classic long, curled, glamorous locks look. This design shaves a much smaller amount of hair and is perfect for younger women who want an edgier style.

Rihanna Long Side Shaved Hairstyle

rihanna long side shaved hairstyle

Another long hair shaved design takes inspiration from the long curled lock look again, only this design shaves much more of the head than the previous. This look is currently very popular with pop stars and actresses.

This hairstyle is for young boys and men who want to make more of a statement. This design is a shaved hair design with different sizes of stars shaved into the design. This design is eye catching and makes a very strong impression.

Alicia Keys Shaved Fringe Hair Design

alicia keys shaved fringe hair design

This shaved hair design is a straight ponytail design with a side fringe on the other side if the undercut. It is a very simple, yet gorgeous and feminine shaved hair design.

This hair design is a very short shaved hair design for women. The design is a shaved haircut all over with a small portion that is slightly longer and tipped with blonde. This design is stylish and very eye-catching.

David Beckham Shaved Comb Over Hairstyle

david beckham shaved comb over hairstyle

This shaved hair design is another comb over shaved hair design, only this time, it is for men. It is slightly messier than some of the other designs, making it perfect for more casual events and dress senses.

Jada Pinkett Smith Shaved Ponytail Hairstyle Design

jada pinkett smith shaved ponytail hairstyle design

This shaved ponytail hairstyle is a glamorous hairstyle design with two shaved undercuts on either side of the head which are both dyed blonde. This is a beautiful twist on the classic ponytail style, making it much more modern and feminine. You may also see Crew Cut Hairstyles

Demi Lovato Shaved Hairstyle with Bangs

demi lovato shaved hairstyle with bangs

This shaved hair design was made popular by Demi Lovato and shaves most of the left side of the head, leaving shoulder length hair on the other side, which has been ombre-d. This style is beautifully simple and very feminine.

Channing Tatum Fully Shaved Hair Design

channing tatum fully shaved hair design

This shaved hair design is a very simple, completely shaved head. This shaved hair design removes almost all of the hair for an eye-catching look. This look was made popular by Channing Tatum and can be dressed both up and down, so it is perfect for a wide range of event dress codes.

Rosario Dawson Shaved Medium Hairstyle Design

rosario dawson shaved medium hairstyle design

This shaved hair design is a slightly longer shaved hair design than some other hair designs on this list. The undercut has been allowed to stay slightly longer, yet it is still a very clean looking design. The hair that is left is shoulder length and can be styled in many different ways for many different events.

Shaved Braided Hair Design

shaved braided hair design


This shaved hair design has removed half of the hair and features a small Dutch braid across the top of the shaved undercut. The remaining hair is dyed red, making this style perfect for an alternative, hipster hairstyle, as is it very eye catching.

Shaved Flower Hair Design

shaved flower hair design


This shaved hairstyle design is completely different than anything else on this list. Rather than an undercut on the side of the head, an undercut has been created at the base of the neck and moves upwards. Throughout the design, a flower petal design has been created by completely removing some of the hair. This design is a subtle shaved hair design that will only be shown when the hair is up, so it is perfect for many different styles.

These designs are beautiful and modern, with a cutting edge style, and this list has options for both men and women. Women are generally more nervous about shaving parts of their hair, but we are confident that with this list of styles you will find the best hairstyle to make you look amazing.

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