Often men don’t really have a lot of option when it comes to haircuts like how the women do. It is true that a lot less is done with the hair for men and a lot more is done for women. But, of course that doesn’t mean that men can’t have intriguing and edgy kind of haircuts at all.

Colored Flat Hair For Men

colored flat hair


Flat Top Hair for Beard Men

flat top hair for beard man

Source There are some haircuts that bring out the X factor in men. Flat top haircuts are one kind that gives a special look to a man’s face. The hair is generally cut like a box where the sides and the back part of a man’s hair is closed trimmed or completely shaved. This is definitely not a very conventional haircut, so if you are the boss of the company or if you own a big business, try it at your own risk.

Classy Hairstyle for Round Face

classy haircut


White Flat Top Hairstyle

white flat top


Curly Flat Top Hair

curly flat top hair


Short Curls Hair for Men

short curls hair


Kids Flat Top Hairstyle

kids flat top hair


Men With Skin Faded Hair

skin faded hair


Side Parted Flat Hairstyle

side part hairstyle


Short Bald Hairstyle

short bald hairstyle


Beard Mens Hairstyle

beard mens hairstyle


Formal Flat Top Hair

formal flat top hair


Variety Middle Bald Hairstyle

variety bald hairstyle


Military Flat Top Hair

military flat top hair


Kid Cuts Side Designed Hairstyle

kid cuts hairstyle


Simple Electric Haircut

simple electric hair


Small Flat Top Hair

small flat top hair


Otherwise, these hairstyles are very anxious, edgy and personalized. Hairstyles like side part flat top hairstyle, high flat top hairstyle, faded flat top hairstyle, precision hair top hairstyle, spiked hair top hairstyle, designed hair top hairstyle, textured flat top hairstyle, Mohawk flat top hairstyle, asymmetrical flat top hairstyle are super creative, kickass and very cool for men.

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