Too tired and bored with the look of flat and fine hair? We have the perfect hairstyle to offer.Bouffant hairstyles is an ideal way to bring a refined style and jazzy charm to your hair and overall appearance. Along with adding thickness to your hair, the hairstyle is perfect to add a retro bling to your classic look.

You can stick to simple or go for this experimentative and cool style for your hair. Bouffant is easy to try hairstyle for getting that perfect hair bump. Look below for the 20 best styles to get the bumpy bouffant inspiration.

Christina Hendricks Retro Inspired Bouffant Hairstyle

christina hendricks retro inspired bouffant hairstyle

Christina Henricks bouffant hairstyle is perfect to try if you have bangs or layers to your hair. Go for a slightly loose bouffant bun that gives a distinct volume and brings a stylish look to the otherwise plain style. You can even tease the top further for acing that perfect messy look.

Lily Collins Bouffant Hairstyle for Short Hair

lily collins bouffant hairstyle for short hair

Lily Collins bouffant is the best look to try if you are looking for something retro and sleek. For achieving the look, tie your hair in a ponytail and backcomb underneath for adding more volume. Now loosely tie the bun like you would normally do every day. You may also see Short Bob Hairstyles

Selena Gomez Cute Bouffant Hairstyle

selena gomez cute bouffant hairstyle

Selena Gomez bouffant is easy to try style if you wish to leave your hair open. Just backcomb the top mid-section of your hair and loosely pin it back with a bobby pin. You can tie the remaining hair in a bun or just leave your hair open.

Megan Fox Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle Idea

megan fox bouffant ponytail hairstyle idea

Megan Fox bouffant is a perfect style to try for that huge ponytail look. Tease and backcomb the top section and tie the remaining hair in a high ponytail. You can even curl your hair for getting extending the voluminous look that is stylish and trendy.

Rose Byrne Bouffant Updo Hair

rose byrne bouffant updo hair1

If are looking to try a new hairstyle with the newly trimmed side swept bangs, a bouffant hairstyle is a must try. Leave your bangs on the front and tie the remaining hair in a bouffant style bun. The look is great to give an edge to your everyday bun.

Dianna Agron Half Up Bouffant Hairstyle

dianna agron half up bouffant hairstyle

Dianna Agron hairstyle is a simple and quick style to try if you are getting ready in a rush. Side part your hair minimally and back tease a small section on top and pin it on the back. You can pull out some strands near your ear to make the look more soft and feminine.

Jessica Simpson Sleek Bouffant Hair Updo

jessica simpson sleek bouffant hair updo

For a sleek and put together look, Jessica Simpson’s bouffant hairdo is a must try. For achieving the look neatly put your hair in a bun by teasing out the top, you can use a hair spray or moose to tame the unruly hair on the top.

Fearne Cotton Bold Bouffant Hairstyle Design

fearne cotton bold bouffant hairstyle design

Go for Fearne Cotton style for a look that is messy and huge. Loosely tease out the top as per your preference and pull out strands on the front. Tie the remaining hair into a messy bun for a look that says carefree out and loud.

Katy Perry Bouffant Hairstyle

katty perry bouffant hairstyle

Katy Perry bouffant hairstyle is a perfect way to give yourself the retro makeover. The look is simple, stylish and easy to carry. You can curl the hair below the length of your ear for giving the voluminous look on the top and bottom.

This bridal bouffant is one of the slightly more difficult but notably pretty hairstyles to try this wedding season. If not anything, the hairstyle will certainly make you look no less than a princess out of a fairytale.

Half Updo Bouffant Hairstyle

half updo bouffant hairstyle


Lovely Bouffant Hairstyle for Long Hair

lovely bouffant hairstyle for long hair


Trendy Short Length Bouffant Hair

trendy short length bouffant hair


Bouffant Hairstyle with Headband

bouffant hairstyle with headband


Simple Bouffant Hairstyle for Women

simple bouffant hairstyle for women


Classic Bouffant Hairstyle with Bangs

classic bouffant hairstyle with bangs


Vintage Bouffant Ponytail Idea

vintage bouffant ponytail idea


Grey Color Bouffant Hairstyle

grey color bouffant hairstyle


Bouffant hairstyles are the best and sophisticated way to give your flat hair the missing volume and fullness. You can make the look stiff or soft, completely as per your style preference.

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