Try to get a new hairstyle with bangs which give you a complete makeover. The bangs add extra glamour on your look. The bang hairstyles are very eye-catching and have a funky get up. This type of hairstyle suits almost every face cut. Bangs bring out the cuteness of your look and make your more charming. You may also see Side Bang Hairstyle Designs

Taylor Swift Blunt Bang Hairstyle

taylor swift blunt bang hairstyle

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

katie holmes bob hairstyle with bangs

Kaley Cuoco Pixie Bang Hairstyle Idea

kaley cuoco pixie bang hairstyle idea

Side bangs were very famous in retro fashion trends. Simple side bangs and curly updo bangs were the signature styles of fifties beautiful women. The pin curls bangs and baby bangs were also got the market in sixties and seventies. Most of the Hollywood actresses of retro times loved to have wavy short hair bangs. You may also see Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Kendall Jenner Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

kendall jenner updo hairstyle with bangs

Emma Stone Side Bang Hairstyle Design

emma stone side bang hairstyle design

Kate Bosworth Braided Bang Hairstyle

kate bosworth braided bang hairstyle

Zooey Deschanel Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

zooey deschanel curly hairstyle with bangs1

Gigi Hadid Two Toned Hairstyle with Bangs

gigi hadid two toned hairstyle with bangs

Selena Gomez Cute Bang Hairstyle Idea

selena gomez cute bang hairstyle idea

Jessica Alba Bang Hairstyle Idea

jessica alba bang hairstyle idea

Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

long straight hairstyle with bangs


The light jagged bangs, less heavy horizontal bangs and messy horizontal bangs are highly in fashion trends now. One can go for the short and serious bangs too which is very much popular. The arched bangs and the weavy bangs are the latest hair styles following by the all types of women.

Retro Style Bang Hairstyle Idea

retri style bang hairstyle idea


Kid’s Bang Hairstyle Design

kids bang hairstyle design


Awesome Bang Hairstyle Design

awesome bang hairstyle design


Bangs hairstyles suit best on round face and oval face. The wispy fringe and bouffant bangs suits the perfect heart shaped face. Striped swoopy bangs and side layered bangs suits on small faces. The U-shaped bangs go best in oval face cut. Minimalistic bangs go best for the round face. You may also see Bob Hairstyle Design with Bangs

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