Messy updos are loved by one and all, whatever the occasion is. Whether it is a night out with your girl gang or a dinner date with that super-hot crush, a messy updo hairstyle can go a long way in helping you project a gorgeous personality. And just as versatile its application is, messy updo hairstyles can be improvised in innumerable ways depending on your own personal touch. Read on, we have compiled a list of fantastic messy updo looks for you to experiment with!

Selena Gomez Messy Bridal Hairstyle

selena gomez messy bridal hairstyle

Got a wedding coming up this autumn? Or looking for a hairstyle for your own wedding? Give this gracefully beautiful messy bun a try; we promise it won’t disappoint you! Pair it with large diamond danglers to complete the look.

Hayden Panettiere Curly Updo Hairstyle

hayden panettiere curly updo hairstyle

Messy and curly is our favorite combination.Pump your curly hair backward and inwards, and hairspray them lightly to fix the fly-aways. Pin the short pieces at the back at the center of the low-slung bun, and you’re ready for the evening!

Taylor Swift Messy Wedding Hairstyle

taylor swift messy wedding hairstyle

Another gorgeous wedding hairstyle, this messy updo is perfect for those with thick and wavy hair. Pile up your hair in a low side-slung bun and you don’t have to be perfect while doing it. Complement it with long leafy danglers for a perfect day out!

Vanessa Hudgens Long Curls Updo

vaneesa hudgens long curls updo

Messy updos can suit sleek long hair just as well, as is apparent from this one! Tie a bun slightly higher than the base of your head, and let fringes loose at the forehead. Give little curls at all edges, and use hairspray to fix the style.

Rihanna Messy Bun Updo

rihanna messy bun updo

Another choice for those with straight hair, this one is a messy top bun with fringes lying across the forehead. Use very less hairspray with this one, or it would lose the messy feel. Perfect for thick black hair, this one would be the ideal one for a brunch with your girls!

Messy Curls Updo Hairstyle

messy curls updo hairstyle


Love updos but enjoy leaving them open as well? We got the half up half down look for you! Tie a messy bun at the back center of your head, and leave long flicks of hair falling all around. Smooth out the hair at the back, and curl the ends a bit for perfection.

Modern Bride Updo Hairstyle

modern bride updo hairstyle


Is it a bun? Is it a braid? It’s all in one! We loved this hairstyle the moment we set eyes on it! And it’s quite simple to execute, too. All you need to do is dress up your hair in slightly tight French braids across the forehead. Bunch up the braids in a loose bun and pin the whole thing on top of your head.

Messy Updo Hairstyle for Bride

messy updo hairstyle for bride


Stand out with this messy updo pony from the usually tied ponytails! More of a 5-minute hairstyle, take little bunches of your hair, twist them and tie them up in a low-slung pony tail. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the rubber band for a perfect finish.

Another bridal messy updo for ladies with thick wavy hair, hand-comb your hair backwards and messily tie them up in low bun. Pin up the bigger bunches falling out, and hairspray the rest of fly-aways to fix look. Highlights would go great with this hairstyle!

Short Bridal Messy Updo

short bridal messy updo


With this gorgeously pinned up hairdo, leave the audience stunned with your perfection. Comb your hair back straight, and slowly pin up bunches of hair as you go down. Remember to finish the look with a hairspray to keep it in place.

Messy Prom Updo


messy prom updo


Summer Wedding Updo Hairstyle

summer wedding updo hairstyle


Vintage Messy Hairstyle

vintage messy updo hairstyle


Bridal Updo with Flowers

bridal updo with flowers


Side French Braid Hairstyle

side french braid hairstyle


Short Wedding Hair Updo

short wedding hair updo1


Side Twisted Low Bun Hairstyle

low bun hairstyle


Short Blonde Updo Hairstyle

short blonde updo


Retro Wedding Hairstyle

retro wedding hairstyle


Ladies love the messy updos, wherever you go! It is usually one of the most convenient and simple to do hairstyles, wherein all you need to do is bunch up your hair in a bun, pin it up and you’re good to go. The catch is: messy updo hairstyles can look just as refined as they carry the natural look. Experiment with your own versions of the messy updos. Frame your face with prettily curled flicks of hair, and leave your admirers wondering how you carry something so seemingly difficult this effortlessly! Of course, do remember to leave us a line in comments below to show us your love for messy updo hairstyles!

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