Corsets, though worn on the inside, the design of it, however, is very beautiful. Corset tattoos are a way of flaunting the beautiful inner piece. They are in the form of a criss-cross shape. The top 10 designs that we found are in different forms of corsets, some look similar to the actual corset design whereas the others are designed differently to stand out.

Some tattoos are in the form of a tribal design. Well, we sure are excited to explore more of these designs. So let’s look into these 10 designs and find out more.

Corset Tattoo on Leg

corset tattoo on leg


This beautiful corset leg tattoo unwinds into an adorable bow. There is perfect shading given to it and it starts out wide and narrows down eventually, ending into a bow, which again is shaded and colored to perfection. We loved the monochromatic tone of the tattoo.

Elegant Lace Corset Tattoo

elegant lace corset tattoo


The elegance of this beautifully-done bold tattoo lies in the purple stone in the middle. The tattoo looks very traditional if you look at it closely. It looks like a combination of a corset and a tiara. But, we do love the purple touch given to it.

Corset Arm Tattoo Idea

corset arm tattoo idea


This bold and beautiful design looks ravishing. The red done onto it gives it a very eccentric look . For a change, the ribbon is on top and overall the tattoo looks good.

Back Corset Tattoo Design

back corset tattoo design


This is such a nicely done design. It gives out a very traditional yet modern outlook. There is so much intricate work done onto it. The design looks bold and makes you want to keep looking at it. You may also See Deer Antler Tattoo

Beautiful Bird with Corset Tattoo

beautiful bird with corset tattoo


This corset tattoo that is in the shape of a birdcage is very elegantly designed. Not only is it elegant, but also it gives out a very royal feeling overall.

Red Corset Tattoo Design

red corset tattoo design


This is a plain bold design colored completely in red. The red looks bright and radiating and makes the tattoo look bright and lighted-up. The extra shading done on the sides is different and looks nice.

Skull Tattoo Design Idea

skull tattoo design idea


Unique Corset Tattoo Idea

unique corset tattoo idea


Awesome Corset Tattoo Design

awesome corset tattoo design


Simple Tattoo on Leg

simple tattoo on leg


Fashionable Ankle Tattoo Design

fashionable ankle tattoo design


Corset Back Tattoo for Women

corset back tattoo for women


Blue Color Bow Tattoo Design

blue color bow tattoo design


Corsets have been used since a very long time and have never run out of fashion. A tattoo of this sort only makes it more lively and prominent. This is definitely in fashion and you can see how you can get them done in so many different ways.

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