Soft candlelight can relax you and offer you a dose of romance and warmth. Candles though require a beautiful candle holder. There are amazing designs of candleholders that can decorate your space with style even if you never use candles. Made of glass, crystal, metal or clay you can find many designs. For this post we have picked out a collection of incredible candle holder designs that will give you fresh ideas for home décor. You may also See Bedroom Chandelier Designs

Wooden Candle Holder Designs

wooden candle holder designs

The Phil Nichols Company

Wood, as a natural material can look impressive and formal depending on the design. You can find amazing wood candle holders in every style that range in many different color tones of brown. From modern to traditional rooms you will find everything you need from a candle holder in wood.

Glass Candle Holder Designs

glass candle holder designs

Tweak Your Space

One of the biggest trends that feature in almost every home is the glass candle holder design. From water glasses to mason jars there is an enormous variation in this category. You can create this at home with a glass holder or a vase, a little sand and a candle.

Wall Candle Holder Designs

wall candle holder designs

Masterpiece Design Group

Before electricity, people used candles to light the streets and their homes. You can recreate this graphic setting with the appropriate wall candle holder. If you want to create an impressive room, use several of these wall candle holders to make the space look like it came right from 1800s’.

Ceramic Candle Holder Designs

ceramic candle holder designs

Sunset Builders of South West Florida, Inc.

Ceramic is a really versatile material that can transform every room with a touch of elegance. You can find many different designs of ceramic candle holders in a multitude of colors that can match the color scheme of your room while giving creative shapes of light with the various designs.

Floor Candle Holders

floor candle holders

David Anderson Architect

Floor candle holders go with a set of two or three items in different sizes to create dimension in the room. From solid wood or metal and a great deal of glamorous design you will find amazing floor candle holders to style an empty corner in your house.

Hanging Candle Holders

hanging candle holders

Gary Savitzky Architects

Hanging candle holders give you the opportunity to fill your space with a romantic ambience. Made of glass or metal you can find amazing candle holder designs that can be hanged around your house. These are also suitable for outdoor spaces like your garden or your patio to create some atmosphere.

Crystal Candle Holders

crystal candle holders

Linda Cloutier Kitchens and Baths, LLC

Suitable for every style, the crystal candle holders are the answer to every home. The designs of crystal candle holder range from candlestick to chandeliers. They can give a glamorous tone to the room while making it look timeless and classic with little to no effort. You may also See Table Lamp Designs

Rustic Candle Holder Designs

rustic candle holder designs

m.a.p. interiors inc. / Sylvia Beez

Create a rustic look for your space by using rustic candle holders. Raw materials like wood, bronze and brass can give you amazing combinations with glass and crystal to create stunning candle holders. The available designs will give you lot’s of ideas to decorate your house in the rustic style.

Floating Candle Holders

floating candle holders

IMI Design, LLC

This concept includes water along with the candle holder. You can get candle holders that you can fill with water and place a tea light candle on the surface. The floating candle will look amazing in the water while the reflective abilities of the water will spread out the light.

Mosaic Candle Holders

mosaic candle holders

Dwelling Designs

Mosaic candle holders will help you add personality to your space. Most designs carry an ethnic ambience that will be impressive in your bedroom or the living room. Choose the right for you design based on the color scheme. You can choose a contradicting color combination for a strong antithesis.

Modern Candle Holder Designs

modern candle holder designs

Philpotts Interiors

You can style your space with a minimalist approach. Modern candle holders have a subtle elegance that comes in beautiful pieces. Ranging from metallic to marble holders you can find the best fit for your space.

Candle holders protect your furniture from melted candle. They can be used in the office and the bedroom to add a touch of softness. They will also look great in your living room on a coffee or side table. Crystal and glass candle holders will look great in any room no matter its style. However you can play with metals too, since they can create character and add style that will complement the room’s look. You may also See Floor Lighting Designs

If you like candles then there is no reason why to not invest on a couple candle holders for your house. They can style every room from the bathroom to the living room inspiring you with amazing decorative ideas and they look stunning whether the candles are lit or not.

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