Travel anywhere, you can get enjoyment, excitement, and fun but when you think about peace, about relaxation and about comfort; YES there is one obvious place where you want to spend the rest, and that is your HOME where you can’t get bore. Home and décor has a relationship of class, style, beauty, standard and ease. Decoration for your home doesn’t mean to create mess and place ornate around the home to make it look fancy or decorative; actually decorating your home is also a science which needs to understand where to place a plant? And what color of curtains matches your dark living room? Or Hoe lighting makes your small space look wide and bright. So here we discuss top 10 trends for your home and décor.

Bathroom statement mirrors

After a stylish year 2015, when a side we thought nothing can be more trendy and stylish; experts brings you the fascinating options for every department of your house in 2016 also and it’s for your Bathroom too, personally I also love to decorate my bathroom with vintage flowers and small bathroom ornate like chandelier and stylish mirror, these mirror are coming in various shapes, styles and range. A mirror on your wall also defines the width and lighting. Adding some mirror just one on full wall or a small shaped as a wall photo frame hanging can leave a good impact on your mood

Peaceful Gadget Free Living Room

Technology is good for us but sometime we need to get out of the same tech world, we need some natural and personal moments, we love peace and stress free life; unfortunately we have left family time to win the race of technology, people want quality time with their families where they can gather and just talk about each other, hopefully we are going to get tech free living rooms. People can imagine that there is also a happy life outside of tech world and gadgets; inside living rooms.


Adds a unique charm in your living room or bed room; imagine those freezing days when you really need a warm sofa with a hot cup of coffee and what do you missed? A fireplace is must have place to your home for your cold days, in addition, to add a perfect charm at your small meetings.

Lively Bathrooms

Yes; we are talking about decorative bathrooms that feel lively. Forget older simple trends of bathroom where a toilet space or a bath tub were added. From adding storage to the decoration you can make your bathroom more lively and trendy with style. Add fresh flowers, a wreath on the wall, a colored cabinet; a sitting couch or a glass window with light curtains. There are a lot of options in 2016 trending bathroom designs.

Well organized kitchens

Time is what matters for everyone in the world, where ladies have to spent their most of the time in kitchen; there was a need to maintain and organized kitchen to save time and energy with hygienic ways. Trending kitchen designs are exactly going to save your time with well organized cabinetries and super fast gadgets.


Trending in beautifying walls with paints and applying textures, graphic works, pastel works and lot more; your wall is your own canvas to play with and paint whatever you want, home and décor is incomplete is without walls and your walls says it all; add wall hangings, mirrors, paint black and white or make a rainbow. A wall describes your taste for the interior.

Crystal come back

Bring out all old crystal crockery, wine glasses and candle holders because 2016 is trending crystals come back to the shelves. Crystal has an elegant looks in wherever it is used; chandeliers, jars, wine glasses or tea sets it has made for adding some standard to the living in a stylish way.


Your home is incomplete without walls and without plants too. Plants creates an amazing atmosphere and also it is a source of oxygen, think of your balcony without plants it looks empty and boring when added a small green plant it becomes cool an looks vibrant.


Trending from old to newer; looks of shelves for books. A house without a library is like a body without soul and when it’s about decoration of your house, you must add a small space for keeping books, shelves for keeping gift mugs and place antiques of interior.

Mix and match

Mix and match is trending in interior, when your room wall paints are white or yellow you can make a change and also can create a spark at your dull room by adding, mixing and matching colors combination. Add blue bed sheet and green cushions. Add pink or purple net curtains to your glass windows and a black and white pattern sofa set to your living room for a classy sit down

Wooden pastels

Wooden floors and wooden racks; wooden vase, chandeliers, wooden showpieces, wooden furniture and wooden stair case, a lot of option to choose this trend for the best décor and interior of your home. Wooden trends are not only made for table, chairs and desk, think like and artist and convert your imaginations by using wood and pastel colors to make a unique change.

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