It is quite evident to everyone inclined and interested in design, that there are certain natural animal print motifs which have started to make rounds in pretty much everything around us. From clothing to accessories to furnishings we can see these prints everywhere. Today we are going to be a bit specific and delve deeper in the growing trend of owl motif and how you can include this lovely print in your own through a wide range of items.

Experimentive Animal Print Inspired Wallpapers

If you are someone who loves to experiment with the patterns and prints we have the 10 best owl inspirational designs to offer.

Outfit your home with these majestic birds and enjoy the beauty of quirky yet beautiful nature.

Owl Cushion Set

Owl cushion cover set is an amazing purchase if you relate well to hipster owls. These throw pieces can be a great addition to the casual interiors of the space and they can certainly help to bring the much-needed splash of colour and personality to your space.

owl cushion set

Owl Shaped Cushions

Owl shaped cushions can be a fun piece to include in the kid’s room. You can use it to add cushioned back to a hard chair or just as an impactful piece in your decor. These owl shaped cushions can certainly help to draw the attention from any corner of the room.

owl shaped cushions

Owl Bedding Set

Owl bedding set with soft shades of white and pink placed with a print of flowers and leaves can be a decorative and a cuddling piece for the bed in the kid’s room or even your own bedroom. If you feel the print is coming out to be too powerful and childish you can include it in a statement pillow cover or even a bedsheet.

owl bedding set

Charcoal Owl Print

You can include a beautiful charcoal painting of owls in your living room. Personalise the painting with the preferable position and feature of the owls. The print and design is experimental and edgy and will surely be a unique piece for your living room.

charcoal owl print

Large Owl Wall Art Print

In the shades of blue and gold, the owl print can be a wonderful companion to the interior that is themed around the natural colours. Owl with its face expression can help to impart wisdom that has been associated with the creatures since the ancient times.

large owl wall art print

Decorative Owl Figures

Small realistic furry owl figures can be a wonderful add-on to the future holiday arrangements in your home.

decorative owl figures

Owl Planters

Owl planters can be one of the very fashionable and personalised piece of planters for your balcony or windowsill garden. This standalone decor can also act as a decoration piece for your home.

owl planters

owl planters

Owl Ceramic Tea Set

Along with the decor of your bedroom and walls, the kitchen too deserves some of the owl love. You can include the adorable motif in the form of tea set or mugs that add a retro charm to your space. Trust us, your tea time will never be the same.


Owl Salt and Pepper Set

If you have an all white dining set, this cute ceramic salt and pepper shakers shaped in the form of an owl can act as a great complimentary piece. If white is coming out to be too plain, you can glam up the look by adding glitter, gems or lace or other craft supplies to make a really attractive salt and pepper shaker.

owl salt and pepper set

Antique Owl Book Ends

Complete with a bronze finish, the owl bookends can be a traditional and classic addition to the interiors of your space. You can go for a glossy version or stick to the standard matte.

antique owl book ends

If you are looking for a popular motif themed decor, this owl print design option is a must try for styling up your interior space.

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