Wood is one of the most versatile materials for making home fittings. Perhaps it’s for this reason that wood chandeliers continue to compete favorably with the other popular types such as the sparkly crystal. Hanging a wooden chandelier in a formal living room creates a cozier touch.

Transitional Kitchen With Natural Carved Wood Chandelier

transitional kitchen with natural carved wood chandelier

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Elegant Traditional Dining Room With Wood Chandelier

elegant traditional dining room with wood chandelier

Photo By: Jill Wolff

Breakfast Room With Beaded Wood Chandelier

breakfast room with beaded wood chandelier

Photo By Gridley

If you’d like to keep it simple but elegant, a wooden beam fixed to your room’s ceiling onto which lights are wound and hung gracefully can be just perfect for you.

Home Office With Wooden Chandelier Design

home office with wooden chandelier design

Photo By: Jenkins Custom Homes Design&Build

Dining Room With Rustic Wood Chandelier

dining room with rustic wood chandelier

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert Photography

Dining Room With Unique Wood Chandelier

dining room with unique wood chandelier

Photo By: Alain Pinel Realtors

Rustic Dining Room With Wooden Antler Chandelier

rustic dining room with wooden antler chandelier

Photo By: Barron Custom Design, LLC

Transitional Dining Room Nook with Simple Wood Chandelier

transitional dining room nook with simple wood chandelier

©Scripps Networks, LLC

Instead of the conventional brass or crystal chandelier, a curvy, painted, distressed wood chandelier can be a great way of enhancing the interplay of a rustic room. A two-tier chandelier can be an impressive way of adorning your room stylishly. The design can be painted to blend well with the other room fittings.

Two Large Wood Chandeliers Provide Soft Lighting

two large wood chandeliers provide soft lighting

Photo By: Janis Nicolay

Unique Wood Chandeliers Gives Elegant Look

unique wood chandeliers gives elegant look

Photo By: LGB Interiors

Modern Home Office With Fashionable Wood Chandelier

modern home office with fashionable wood chandelier

Photo By: Pineapple House Interior Design

Modern Kids Room With Geometric Chandelier

modern kids room with geometric chandelier

Photo By: Seek Interior Design

Wood Orb Chandelier Makes Room Cozy

wood orb chandelier makes room cozy


A Pair Of Candelabra Chandeliers in Living Room

a pair of candelabra chandeliers in living room

Photo By: Greg Wilson

Industrial Chandeliers in Contemporary Restaurant

industrial chandeliers in contemporary restaurant

Photo By: Eric Luciano

Candelabra Chandeliers Makes Living Room Cozy

candelabra chandeliers makes living room cozy

Photo By: Greg Wilson

Traditional Dining Room with Vintage Wood Chandelier

traditional dining room with vintage wood chendelier


Modern Staircase with Wooden Chandelier

modern staircase with wooden chandeliers


Contemporary Living Room with Wood Chandelier

contemporary living room with wood chandelier


Traditional Bedroom With Antique Wood Chandelier

traditional bedroom with anique wood chandelier


Simple Wood Chandelier in Traditional Kitchen

simple wood chandelier in traditional kitchen


Eclectic Dining Room With Designed Wooden Chandelier

eclectic dining room with designed wooden chandelier


For a minimalist space, a bamboo plywood chandelier can be an excellent way of adding complexity and textural touch. A simple but dramatically sized chandelier design is ideal for a highly placed curvaceous ceiling. For a lodge-like space, a wooden chandelier can amplify the warmth of the room’s stone fireplace better as well as wooden ceiling beams. The style is great for making the place to feel homier and comfortable.

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