Have you been working on a home project to make your interiors well lit and luxurious? We bet you would have tried making some chandeliers out of everyday objects. It doesn’t just save the environment from more dumps but also highlights your creativity, apart from brightening up your days and nights. Creating home crafts from recycled materials is fast catching up with the crafty and environmentally aware homemakers. Here, we have tried to compile some of the most beautifully made DIY chandeliers that are lighting up homes across the globe. They come in every form – spoons, match boxes, tetra packs, plastic bottles and more.

Mason Jar Light Fixture

mason jar light fixture


If you are new to the realm of DIY crafts at home, these Mason jar chandeliers could be a good start. All you need to do is find a way to hang half a dozen of jars, upside down ad at different lengths. The hanging base (the top panel) could be fixed to the ceiling, preferably at the middle of your room, to give an all round lighting.

Wood Planks Chandelier

wood planks chandelier


Wood makes a unique material for creating home chandeliers. In this example, we see ply being cut into a decorative form and hung from the ceiling. To do this, you need to own some skills of carpentry. Whatever wood chandelier design you choose, make it smooth. Using tungsten bulbs would warm up the room like nothing else.

Paper Chandelier Idea

paper chandelier ideas


A paper has always been a loved material for chandelier and other lighting crafts. The picture here shows how several translucent papers can be strung together around a white bulb to create a globe chandelier and a soothing ambiance.

Bubble Chandelier Decor

lamp shape pipe chandelier


The bubbles here are actually transparent plastic balls that are readily available in the market. Go to any big decorative shop and you should come across these bubbles. Here, the artist has used complete transparent white bubble to create the design. But you can experiment with colors. You can also see Pink Chandelier Light Designs

Wire Chandelier Design

wire chandelier design

Design by : 1st Choice Cabinetry

Wires are among the most dumped material from a home, especially if you have recently been through a renovation/construction phase. You can use the spare wires to create unique designs and a frame for your brass chandelier candle bulbs. Hung in a pair, they look amazing.

Mason Jar Pendant Light

mason jar pendant light


Another easy way to create chandeliers using Mason jars is sticking a couple of them (three in this case) to create a simple pendant lighting. This can be put on your dining table for a romantic evening. You can also see Wood Chandeliers

Floral Chandelier Idea

floral chandelier idea


Plastic flowers that you would have used in vases could also be stuck to an overhanging chandelier to create a unique setting. This is really easy and you would love the experience. Don’t keep staring at your art for too long!

Ball Jar Chandelier Design

ball jar chandelier design


As you did with Mason jars, ball jars too can be a unique material for creating drum chandelier lighting. Create a bunch of several overhanging ball jar and you would get a unique lighting effect across your room.

Diy Wine Bottle Chandelier

wine bottle chandelier diy


This is possibly the best way wine bottles can be put to use after you have gulped down the original contents. Fitted with small bulbs on the inside, they create a beautiful ambient lighting. As shown in this example, your art can be hung over the dining table and will be both representative and functional.

Pipe Chandelier Design

pipe chandelier design


To make things even simpler, PVC pipes can be neatly cut and arranged to create a 3D artwork. They are also perfect for hiding all the wiring you would do to light up the chandelier!

Diy Hat Lamp

diy hat lamp

Designed by Jeeves & Wooster

Rotating Crystal Chandelier

stairs rotating chandelier


Plastic Bottle Chandelier

plastic bottle chandelier


Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

rectangular crystal chandelier


Triangle Hanging Crystal Chandelier

triangle crystal chandelier


Spherical Crystal Chandelier

spherical crystal chandelier

Design by : Betty Wasserman

Black Wire Chandelier

modern wire chandelier

Design by : Arc8 Projects Ltd.

Antique Chandelier Design

transitional chandelier design


Round Drum Chandelier

round drum chandelier


Outdoor Brass Chandelier Design

outdoor chandelier


Diy Metal Chandelier

diy metal chandelier

Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

Hope you like these ideas and are willing to try some of them at your home.

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