There are different styles of dining room tables. One of the basic style available is the oval dining table. For this style or shape, you can go for a wooden or stone dining table. The main factor to consider when choosing a dining table is the seating capacity. For big families, an oval shaped table can provide more seating options. An oval table usually allows for at least six to eight people, which makes it also an ideal one for entertaining a few friends.

Modern Oval Dining Table

modern oval dining table

This modern oval dining table is more commonly known as the Tulip table design. It is a pedestal styled dining table that allows for more space underneath. That means the use of comfortable armchairs is very much possible.

Extending Oval Dining Table

extending oval dining table

This dining area has an extending oval dining table in dark colored wood and it is paired with elegant chairs in similar materials and coloring.

Black Oval Dining Table

black oval dining table

The table used for this dining space is very modern in design. It is oval and curved with measurements of 2340W x 1570D x 740H (curved) and it seats up to seven people. The curved designed is unusual and it is matched with equally eclectically designed chairs.

Small Oval Dining Table Design

small oval dining table design

This dining space is furnished with an oval Knoll Saarinen Table in white. The pedestal design is very modern and it allows for the use of two seating options – the L-shaped built-in upholstered couch and dowel leg chairs. You may also see scandinavian dining table designs.

Oval Glass Dining Table

oval glass dining table

The open space design of this apartment suite is made to look elegant by combining glass and Lucite. Glass oval table and Lucite chairs provide a sophisticated feel that works well in the space. The result is an airy and light area that allows for easy viewing and access.

Wood Oval Dining Table

wood oval dining table

The rustic French appeal of this dining room is enhanced by the elegant wooden oval table. The polished dark wood provides a nice dining experience. Paired with equally elegant chairs, and this dining space is one to really dream about.

Oval Marble Dining Table

oval marble dining table

Simple elegance is the best description for this dining space. It is furnished with a beautifully designed Capricorn dining table made of a base in black patination and marble top. To complete the look, Vienna chairs with black patination and grey wool upholstery are added.

Rustic Oval Dining Table

rustic oval dining table

The rustic feel of this dining room is achieved by using a rustic and unique combination of furnishings. The wicker chairs are very welcoming and the unpolished oval table speaks casual friendly dining.

Antique Oval Dining Table

antique oval dining table

A formal dining space like this one needs furnishings that are just as formal and classy. It is furnished with an antique oval table that is extendable and can occupy up to six people. The high-backed chairs are the best match for such an elegant dining table.

Contemporary Oval Dining Table

contemporary oval dining table

The custom-made upholstered bench with matching chairs is the best match for this elegant white pedestal oval table. The simplicity of the table provides a great foundation for that is contrasted by the elegance of the seating options.

Poolside Oval Dining Table Idea

poolside oval dining table idea

Design by Ian Engberg

Hardwood Oval Dining Table Idea

hardwood oval dining table idea

Beach Style Oval Dining Table Idea

beach style oval dining table idea

Vintage Oval Dining Table Idea

vintage oval dining table idea

Classic Long Oval Dining Table Design

classic long oval dining table design

Tiny Oval Dining Table

tiny oval dining table

Oval Dining Table Gray Chair Idea

oval dining table gray chair idea

Some people love the simple look of round dining room table. This is the perfect choice for a small spaced dining room. Other love the efficiency of square or rectangular dining table because these are the space saving options. If you have space and you need a table that can accommodate up to eight people, your best option is the oval shaped dining table. If this is your choice then the sample above should be of great interest to you.

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