When you go for shopping home décor accessories, you often look out for innovative rug designs. Well, Braided rugs are popular in most parts of the world, primarily due to the large number of variations that come across. These rugs have jute or other thick fabric intertwined with each other. With a rough yet sophisticated texture, they can add a stunning look to your living room or drawing room. You may also look out for outdoor rugs. Here are ten classy braided rug designs to choose from. You may also See Kitchen Rug

Braided Area Rugs

These rugs are large and cover a large area. You can use them in your living room or drawing room to enhance the overall looks of your home. The light brown and natural colour of the rug complements the looks of the room.

Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Round Braided Rugs

If you are looking for stylish rugs to boost up your interior, these round braided rugs will be ideal for you. They have a fine texture and you need to place three of these rugs in an average-size room. The rugs overlap each other, enhancing the attire of your room.


Oval Braided Rugs

For dining rooms, oval rugs complement the furniture and other accessories. You can place a rectangular dining table and chairs on this rug. It has a blue and white combination, with a rough braided texture and different shades of blue.

DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

Country Braided Rugs

People often want to make their bedroom look different yet cosy. These country braided bathroom rugs are ideal in these cases. They are round, with different thin strips of shades running in circles. The rug has thick braids and a vibrant appearance. You may also See Outdoor Rug

Ambiance Interiors

Diy Braided Rugs

In case you want DIY rugs, these rugs with a light coloured background serve the best. The round patches in different colours make the rug even more vibrant. It has a soft texture and is ideal for a drawing room with a fireplace.

Company C

Square Braided Rugs

If you want a bold and vibrant colour in your drawing room, you can opt for this particular rug. It is rectangular in shape, with a number of square patterns in it. Each of these boxes has their individual colours, striped with thin braids all over them. It is an innovative and classy way to decorate the drawing room.


Small Braided Rugs

This is a sophisticated braided rug, ideal for neat and highly polished drawing rooms. It is grey in colour and has a well-knit design in it. You can place this run in a room with light coloured walls and floor. Make sure that it goes well with the furniture in the room.

Howell Custom Building Group

Rectangular Braided Rugs

These rugs are large and rectangular, with a classy look. You can complement the rug by placing elegant cane-furniture on them. With white walls and large glass windows, you can use it as a beautiful accessory to boost up the quality of lifestyle.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Cotton Braided Rugs

In these rugs, the rectangular designing pattern has been incorporated in the consecutive layers. Alternative colours of red, blue and brown have been incorporated in this rug. You can place it in a small drawing room to enhance its looks and incorporate the right furniture to complement it.

Homespice Decor

Vintage Braided Rugs

If you are looking out for a vintage rug, go for the braided variation. It looks beautiful and refines the look of your room. It has an oval shape, with different colours of fabrics forming round patterns in it. This rug goes well with well-polished wooded floors. You may also See Bathroom Rugs

RMB Building & Design

Braided rugs are known for their innovative designs and out of the box styles. The right choice of living room rugs can elevate the standard of living in a home. You may also be looking out for kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs. When you incorporate these rugs into your home, make sure that they maintain a visual compatibility with the room you place it in.

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