When it comes to dining room designs, the furniture craves for personalisation. There are different dining room designs, both for interior and exterior settings. People from all over the world are experimenting with innovative Stone Dining Table designs. These settings are based on their tailored needs and aptitudes. The stone dining tables are available in different textures and shades, and here you will find ten classy stone dining table designs that will live up to your expectations.

Travertine Dining Table

travertine dining table


A spacious dining room with polished dark wood floors gets the right look with a stone dining table with a thick top. The reddish metal colour of the stone table makes a good contrast with the floor and cabinet. The kitchen cabinet is shaded with a brownish polish and you can opt for a lighter shade for the chairs.

Stone Outdoor Dining Table

stone outdoor dining table

Design by : Mark Scott Associates

This is a round pedestal dining table that goes well with outdoor kitchen and patios. It is white in color with a polished texture and has a good contrast with the black wrought iron chairs. The white cushions of the chairs have a good match with the table and the marble flooring.

Stone Dining Table and Chairs

stone dining table and chairs


There are modern outdoor dining spaces which have a stone finish. The natural look of the dark shaded stone dining table will have a great look here. The luxurious outdoor chairs are ideal for the setting. A metal frame supports the shade and the uneven floor makes the look of the dining area customised. You can also see Contemporary Dining Room Design

Round Stone Dining Table

round stone dining table


The modern dining room tables are a part of many sophisticated homes. People who have a fascination for white walls and brown wooden floors will find the right match in this round stone table that rests on a wide pedestal. There are elegant chairs around the table to deliver a complete look. You can also see Colorful Dining Room Designs

Pedestal Dining Table

pedestal dining table


The traditional wood kitchen rooms with a spacious dining area. Enjoy the sleek look of the narrow pedestal dining tables. It is an elegant looking black stone table that resembles polished glass. The bright wooden floor and the ceiling look complementary to each other. Arrange dark red chairs around the table.

Modern Stone Outdoor Dining Table

stone outdoor dining table1


Modern outdoor eating spaces enjoy a classy look with arched stone dining tables. The white tables are elliptical in shape with a smooth stone texture. The ideal furniture for this setting is white chairs with cushioned backrest. It goes well with spaces with one side open and wooden walls on the other.

Oval Stone Dining Table

oval stone dining table


Homes with small dining rooms need these oval stone dining tables, which look compact in the limited space. The round stone table looks compatible to the white-based wall colour and floor. You can get in touch with contrasting black-framed chairs for the setting.

Large Dining Room Table

large dining room table


Luxurious dining rooms with large glass panes and need matching dining tables. This is a sleek yet elegant stone dining table, rectangular in shape. It rests on a metal pedestal, and it is a good contrast to the white-themed room. White chairs make the room even more polished.

Small Round Dining Table

small round dining table


Dining rooms with artistic metallic chandeliers need a small round stone dining table, white in colour, the thin pedestal delivers a sleek look to the setting. Light brown leather chairs around the table make it look fantastic. Get a matching carpet for the room with brown patches. It will be compatible with the chairs.

Marble Dining Table Idea

marble dining table idea

Design by : Chris Amaral

Marble has its inherent beauty, and when the marble dining tables are placed in spacious rooms, it makes the ideal match with the setting. The light wooden floors make the room more gorgeous. Opt for white chairs with crossed back for the dining set.

Trendy Stone Dining Table

trendy stone dining table


White Marble Dining Table

white marble dining table


Decorative Stone Dining Table Idea

decorative stone dining table idea


Outdoor Stone Dining Table Design

outdoor stone dining table design


Boulder Outdoor Dining Table

boulder outdoor dining table


Concrete Dining Table

concrete dining table


Traditional Stone Dining Table

traditional stone dining table


Modern Small Stone Dining Table

modern small stone dining table


The Stone Dining Table designs are incorporated in most of the luxurious homes nowadays to create a sheer blend of beauty and elegance. The interior or exterior of the house, as the case may be, has to complement the looks of the table. With the right choice of stone dining tables, you can turn your dining space into something classy in appearance. Well, if you have your own ideas, you can share them with us.

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