Dining rooms are generally the central part of the house where you enjoy having meals with your family and friends. A spacious and comfortable dining table serves the purpose of occasional and everyday dining. It also makes the room look more settled and composed. Whether you have a small or a big dining space, round dining table designs are a must try as they give an elegant and pleasant appearance to your whole room. We have put together 10 best round dining table designs, to give you plenty of choices before you narrow it down to ‘the one’.

Expandable Round Dining Room Table

expandable round dining room table


Dark chocolate colored wood is one of the ideal color choices to opt for your dining table. Round dark wood dining table helps to bring a refined elegance to your space. You can decorate the table top with some beautiful fresh flowers for bringing some colorful charm to the overall appearance.

Round Glass Dining Table

round glass dining table


One of the elegant and simplistic round dining table design is a glass top table. Glass top offers you a lot of flexibility to decide on the color and pattern of the chairs. You can go for a simple white colored chair for giving a polished and uniform look to the entire setup.

Large Round Dining Room Table

large round dining room table


Another evergreen design to try is the large round dining table with comfortable cushioned seats in the bottom and back. If you are not planning to try new ideas to experiment with, then this design will be a safe and excellent option to try.

Modern Round Dining Table

modern round dining table


One of the beautiful round dining table designs to try is the subtle and minimally designed wooden table with plain and simply crafted wooden chairs. If you think the look is coming out to be too plain, you can contrast the look with an elegant piece of a chandelier that complements the entire appearance. You can also see Formal Dining Room Designs

Small Round Dining Room Table

small round dining room table


A small dining table can be equally beautiful considering you pick the right piece for your home. A white table with brown chairs is a sophisticated and appealing color combination that you can have in your home. Match the look with vibrant vase or flowers for giving a colorful glow to your space.

White Round Dining Table

white round dining table


If you have bright interiors in your house, a complete white round dining table can be the best choice to make the look more subtle and balanced. If maintained well, white pieces can be one of the most eye appealing elements of your home.

Round Wood Dining Room Table

round wood dining room table


For a royal look to your dining space, you can go for an oval shaped sleek wooden table in the tone of the natural wood. The look can be matched well with deep cream and soft brown chairs. Include a classic chandelier and a beautiful rug to make the look sober and charming.

Black Round Dining Table

black round dining table


Black round dining tables can also be matched with comfortable white dining chairs to make the look traditional and pleasant. Include a soft cream colored cushion to your chair to give an extra edge to your dining space. You can also see French Country Dining Room

Round Formal Dining Table

round formal dining table

Design by : Virtual Studio Innovations

Small compact round dining tables can be matched well with high and tall dining chairs. The design is simple and goes well with almost all dining room decors. You can bring a personal touch to your space by adding a vase or any other accent piece.

Round Pedestal Dining Room Table

round pedestal dining room table


If you think the wooden look of dining room table is coming out to be flat, include a unique and colored piece of a chandelier to transform your space into interesting and original.

Round Dining Room with Chandelier

round dining table with chandelier


Traditional Round Dining Room Table

traditional round dining room table


White Dining Room with Green Chandelier

white dining room with green chandelier

Design by : JONATHAN CALVERT | Interiors Photographer

Black and White Dining Room Idea

black and white dining room idea


Outer View Round Dining Room

outer view round dining room


Mountain View Round Dining Table

mountain view round dining table


Beach View Round dining room

beach view round dining room


Tiny Round Dining Room

tiny round dining room

Design by : Alexander Gorlin Architects

Small Dinning Room with Flower Glass

small dinning room with flower glass


Expandable Dining Table Design

expandable dining table design


From traditional to modern, round dining room tables fit well in all the areas. The round-table designs are perfect to bring style and space to your dining area. Round tables can be adjusted well to the neutral or jazzy appearance of your home.

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