With their interesting shape and unique carving details, vintage mirrors can easily transform a room. When strategically placed, they reflect light and make a small space appear bigger and tend to fit with any décor. A stand-alone floor mirror will add a dramatic effect and architectural character to the room. Whether for decorative purpose or to create an illusion of a bigger space, vintage mirrors will look stylish in any room.

Vintage Vanity Mirror

One of the most popular way of decorating a room, is to hang a vanity mirror. Vintage vanity mirror adds aesthetic appeal and define the space. If you and your family tend to use the mirror for applying makeup or freshening up in the morning then opt for a large design that accommodates everyone.

vintage vanity mirror

Patrick Brickman

Vintage Wall Mirror Design

A vintage wall mirror design is ideal for camouflaging any wall imperfections such as a peeling paint or a hole. Placing it above a fireplace will activate its reflective properties and increase lighting in the room. This strategy can work to save energy consumption cost as mirrors can illuminate natural light.

vintage wall mirror design

YAWN design studio, inc.

Vintage Floor Mirror

A large floor mirror that has interesting frame detailing adds architectural character. Placing it where it reflects natural light will prevent a bathroom from looking dark and dull. A full length vintage mirror can act as a statement piece and make the room interesting.

vintage floor mirror

Design Discoveries

Vintage Bathroom Mirror

Hang a vintage bathroom mirror on a wall facing the chandelier to brighten up the space. Vintage mirrors with attractive frames are great for adding glamour to the room as well as providing an interesting view to look at whenever you enter the room.

vintage bathroom mirror

Drummonds Bathrooms

Vintage Oval Mirror

Instead of the standard rectangular or circular shape of mirrors, opt to make the room more fascinating by adding a vintage oval mirror. These mirrors will act as decorative pieces as well as provide other added bonus like making the space brighter and bigger.

vintage oval mirror

Sroka Design, Inc.

Black Vintage Mirror Design

If you want a mirror that will complement all your redecorating journeys, then opt for black vintage mirror. These mirror designs are especially great in rooms with black furniture and chandelier. They create a modern and minimalist effect.

black vintage mirror design

Roselind Wilson Design

Vintage Starburst Mirror

Vintage starbust mirrors have unique designs that makes the mirrors functional and decorative. With these mirrors, you get the double function of an art piece and the positive reflective effects. Place the mirror to reflect a beautiful light fixture or art piece.

vintage starburst mirror

Siobhan Loates Design Ltd

Vintage Round Mirror

If your bathroom has a small window then hanging round mirror to reflect a green plant can open up the room and distract from the lack of space. Round mirrors are also ideal for small spaces as they reflect light uniformly making the whole room visible.

vintage round mirror

True Design Studios

Vintage Wood Mirror

A vintage mirror with a wooden frame can seamless blend with the architectural design of the room and enhance the style that is already there.

vintage wood mirror

Katie Leede & Company Studio

Vintage Decorative Mirror

Vintage decorative mirrors are available in ornate frames and unique shapes to add a touch of fascination. Mirrored furniture such as mirrored chests create a glamorous feel to the wash area.

vintage decorative mirror

MDSX Contractors Ltd

Vintage Mirrors Decorating Tips

When strategically placed, mirrors can make it easier to check how you look, make the room appear bigger and brighter. To make a small room look larger place a large mirror in a position where it can reflect natural sunlight, a chandelier or candles. You can also place a stand-alone mirror on the floor resting against a wall to act as a focal point. Mirrored cabinets can enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom. You may also See Vintage Bathroom Designs

A vintage mirror is one of the best decorating item for a room. They do double duty of decorating the room as well as reflecting light which makes the space visually larger. These mirror designs also have a primary function of allowing you to check how you look before you leave the house.

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