There are different kinds of headboards. And though not all beds have them, headboards have become common features in beds today. A headboard can be a slab of wood or metal bars (as extensions of metal bed frames). There are also headboards that have more elaborate designs like the upholstered kinds. Originally, headboards were designed to protect the bed occupant from the cold walls. Lately, headboards function as suppot for back and neck, as well. You may also see Creative Headboard Designs

Upholstered Headboard Designs

Upholstered headboards look classy and feel comfy. They also provide a feel of boutique hotel chic and glam into the bedroom. Stylish linen, dark leather and funky designed fabric are some of the best options for headboard upholstery. You may also see Headboard Designs for Bedroom

Tufted Upholstered Headboard Design

tufted upholstered headboard design

Pallet Headboard Designs

A pallet headboard brings a rustic appeal into the bedroom. This is also a very common design choice for DIY headboard projects. A pallet headboard can be a simple stack of pallets in rectangular shape. It can also be painted with different colors for kids’ beds. You can put the pallets vertically and then shape the top part like a classic headboard for a more glamorous feel.

Vintage Pallet Headboard Design

vintage pallet headboard design

Photo by Bonnie Forkner

Tufted Headboard Designs

Having a tufted headboard is indulging in luxurious bedding or sleeping experience. Tufted headboards are fabulous and they bring a touch of class and a look of extravagant into the bedroom interior design. Having a tufted headboard is enjoying that additional cushioned reassurance. You may also see Bed Designs

Tufted Gray Headboard Design

tufted grey headboard design

Contemporary Headboard Designs

Contemporary headboards are those that match the modern design of the bed and the bedroom. One of the best example is a tufted black leather upholstered headboard. Another good one is a metal rail headboard. Curved or round headboards would probably fall into this category, as well.

Contemporary Velvet Headboard Design

contemporary velvet headboard design

Bedroom Headboard Designs

There are different designs for bedroom headboards. The most common is the metal type because they usually come as extensions for metal bed frames. Padded and tufted headboards come with cushioned security. While pallet or wooden headboards provide rustic feel. You may also see Bedroom Furniture Designs

Traditional Bedroom Headboard Design

traditional bedroom headboard design

Padded Headboard Designs

A basic padded headboard is one that is designed with plain upholstery material over the attached foam on the wooden base. For a more elaborate or classy padded headboard, tufted design is a good option.

Padded Bedroom Headboard Design

padded bedroom headboard design

Photo by Chris Snook

Headboard Storage Designs

Wooden or pallet headboards are best for headboard storage designs. Most of these headboards are designed and built to hold books, thus they are also called bookcase headboards. Some are also used for clothes storage, particularly in limited spaced bedrooms.

Modern Headboard Storage Design

modern headboard storage design

Design by PMK+Designers

Rustic Headboard Designs

The rustic look or feel os a headboard can be achieved in two ways, the material and the design. Wooden headboards, particularly those done with pallets, are the best example of rustic designed headboard. Unpolished look is more effective for wooden headboards.

Rustic Wood Bedroom Design

rustic wood bedroom design

Round Headboard Designs

A round headboard is a bit uncommon. And you should not think that a round bed automatically gets a round headboard. Most likely a round bed is better mathced with a curved or half moon headboard. And a round headboard would really look great with a regular bed. Round, padded and upholstered – that is the best design for round headboard.

Modern Round Headboard Design

modern round headboard design

Bookcase Headboard Designs

A bookcase headboard is usually made of wood. Pallets are effective for this kind of headboard design. This kind of headboard is also called the storage headboard design. They are the best options for people who like to read in bed. It is always better to have your books within easy reach.

Contemporary Bookcase Headboard Design

contemporary bookcase headboard design

Floral Headboard Designs

You can have a floral headboard by getting one upholstered with floral designed fabric. Another option is to buy a headboard covered with floral embroidered fabric. For a better result, match your floral headboard with a floral covered bed.

Cool Floral Headboard Design

cool floral headboard design

Floating Headboard Designs

Floating headboards are actually wall-mounted headboards. They look floating because they do not have legs, so basically, they do not touch the ground or flooring. Or if they do have legs, these will be well hidden to keep up with the floating idea.

Wooden Floating Headboard Design

wooden floating headboard design

Vintage Headboard Designs

To get the vintage look, you must stay in the traditional way. This goes very well in your choice of headboard. Basically, vintage headboards can be either curved or carved. Curved metals make great vintage or antique headboards. The same thing goes for the carved wood headboards.

Best Vintage Headboard Design

best vintage headboard design

Corner Headboard Designs

If your bed is set on a corner or beside a wall, instead of in the middle of the room, you should go for a corner headboard. This is basically an L-shaped headboard that provides protection from two sides – the head and one side.

Corner Black Headboard Design

corner black headboard design

How Headboards are Used? Why Headboards are Needed?

Headboards are used for relaxing before bedtime. That is how it is percieved these days. If you like reading books before bedtime, having a headboard gives you a cushioned place where you can lean your back and rest your neck. Originally, though, headboards provide protection from drafts as they give a good division between the wall and the occupants. So basically, headboards are needed to support the neck and back and to keep you from getting cold.

Though not all beds come with headboards, they are highly functional piece of bedroom furniture. With a headboard, you can added accent into the interior design. Headboards also provide luxurious relaxation when needed, and they can hold your books for you, as well. There are several types of headboard designs, in most cases, your choice should be based on your kind of bed and on your bedroom interior. You may not find it nice if you have a pallet headboard in a bedroom with classic interior.

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