A creative headboard is one easy way to transform the complete look of your bedroom. The headboards are available in a variety of sizes and materials in the market. You can simply match one to the style of your bed and personality of your space. From traditional to modern, today we present you with 9 ideas that will surprise and inspire you to add something individual and creative to your private space in the home.

1. Traditional Headboard

traditional headboard


If you have a traditionally styled home, then this cushioned back wooden headboard is a great comfortable addition to your bed. Wood will help to add a vintage and timeless charm to your space.

2. Retro Textile Headboard

retro textile headboard


The right pop of colour can sometimes add just the missing flavour to your interiors. This multicoloured textile headboard is a perfect fit if you are looking for something edgy that is equally complementing and impressive in its design and pattern.

3. Leather Headboard

leather headboard


Leather headboard is a great choice to have in the contemporary home. If you have dark hardwood work in your bedroom, include a white leather headboard which will offer a great contrast and breather to the otherwise dark interiors.

4. Modern Headboard

modern headboard


Modern design headboard is a classy addition you can bring in your bedroom. Go with either light infused headboard or fur textured headboard to give your bedroom a modern upgrade.

5. Opulent Headboard

opulent headboard


Even if your home doesn’t reflect luxury from every nook and corner, you can still add some bits and elements to bring in the class minimally and elegantly. Begin by adding an intricate headboard in the soft shade of gold.

6. Luxe Headboard

luxe headboard


An upholstered grey headboard is another luxurious and modern design you can add in your bedroom for a more refined look.

7. Natural Headboard

natural headboard


You can also go the natural route by adding a raw and organic wooden headboard with natural detailing and texture. The raw and unfinished look of the headboard brings a rustic charm to your place.

8. DIY Headboard



If you don’t wish to spend money for a creative and stylish headboard, this DIY headboard can be the solution. Try and include personal artwork or photographs to your existing headboard to change the look of the boring regular flat headboard. You can also include two unused weathered or distressed wooden doors to give an unconventional appearance to your bedroom.

9. Furniture as Headboard

furniture as headboard1


If you have space in your bedroom, add a dresser, cabinet or desk in the room. The furniture piece from the front can act as a headboard and from the back can solve the purpose of storage.

Improvise your bedroom with a headboard that boosts the originality of your bedroom with style and ease.

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