Whether you use it to retire after a long day at work or utilise it as a space for entertaining friends, the living room is one place that is a pure reflection of the homeowner’s personality and style. From sleek and minimal to contemporary and grand, each and every style is unique in its aesthetic value and presence.

If you are looking for some inspiration to design your personal living space, these 10 living room ideas will provide just the right creative inputs.

1. Contemporary Living Room

contemporary living room

Proyecta 3D Studio

When in doubt, stick to the classic! The classic never goes out of style. Make use of black and white coloured palette to give your home a contemporary upgrade. Add a pinch of colour with the help of throw pillows and accent pieces.
Lastly, finish off the contemporary look with a silver colour light fixture that illuminates and accentuates your living space.

2. Rustic Living Room

rustic living room


If you are looking to add the perfect rustic touch to your living room, one way to do that is by including oak flooring in your space. Include stainless steel cabinets which will provide plenty of storage and also offer an impressive contrast to your rustic space. Go with distressed furniture to bring in a vintage elegance to your space.

3. Bold Bright and Colourful Living Room

bold bright and colourful living room

Candice Olson Design

To infuse your living room with a bright and bold punch of personality, include colourful and patterned wallpaper in your living room. Complement the bright wallpaper with muted flooring and subtle accent pieces.

4. Relaxed and Comfortable Living Room

relaxed and comfortable living room

Candice Olson Design

Bring in an element of luxe to the cosy and comfortable living space by adding a metallic patterned wallpaper. You can also extend the look by including a silvery linen sectional and a classic writer’s desk. Separate the dining and drawing space with sheer and satin curtains. Along with dividing the area, the curtains will also help the natural light to filter through the translucent material.

5. Muted Sophistication

muted sophistication

Candice Olson Design

Bring in the sophisticated look with carpet tiles in the soft shade of blue, green, taupe and beige. Complement the room with stainless steel accents to add a contemporary touch to your space.

6. Cottage Inspired Living Room

cottage inspired living room


If cottage style is the theme you are looking to incorporate in your space, include custom cabinets that double up as storage and a place to display the collectables. Give your room an intimate feel by including centre peices, throws and cushions.

7. Vintage Style Living Room

vintage style living room


A pastel palette with plenty of florals and vintage fabric can help to soften the look of the room. The biggest advantage being, all these elements harmoniously blend with each other to create a soothing and airy space that is comfortable and vintage.

8. Romantic and Feminine Living Room

romantic and feminine

Candice Olson Design

Give your dark wood panelling an instant upgrade by painting it in antique white. This not just brightens up the living room but also greatly complements the colourful fabric used in the furniture pieces. Add in the floral prints and a piece of art to give the room a personal and soft touch.

9. Eclectic Style Living Room

eclectic style living room

Candice Olson Design

Mix and match a wide range of styles to give your living room a modern and traditional upgrade. A room which reflects rustic and elegance all in one! It will definitely never go out of style. Add in sleek chairs and stools to keep the appearance smooth and perfect.

10. Modern Organic Living Room

modern organic living room


Organic might seem like foreign term while doing the interiors, but the addition of an organic interior element can give a contemporary and chic touch to your space. Add a raw wooden side table and a chrome bordered coffee table to keep the look edgy as well as warm.

Let your living room define the meaning of comfort and luxury with impressive colour schemes and elegant textiles.

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