Apartments do not usually have big spaces. That is why they should be designed appropriately in order for the residents to have enough room for all their belongings and extra space to move around.

For an apartment living room, one of the most important thing to consider is where to put the furniture pieces – or how many pieces you should actually have. For a single-room apartment, a sofa-bed is one of the most important furniture.This allows you to have a couch for the day and a bed for the night.

Stylish Living Room Decor Ideas

stylish living room decor ideas

Living Room with Rustic Stone Wall Texture

living room with rustic stone wall texture

Amazing Apartment Living Room Sofa Set

amazing apartment living room sofa set

If you have a separate room for sleeping, you can be a little more flexible with decorating your apartment living room. Aside from the couch, you can add a few other essentials like a side or coffee table, a book case, ottomans and side chairs.

Cozy Living Room Sofa Set Idea

cozy living room sofa set idea

Elegant Living Room Decor Idea

elegant living room decor ideas

Modern Living Room Idea

modern living room idea

Classy Living Room Furniture Idea

classy living room furniture idea

Once you are choosing the pieces that would make up your living room, you need to decide how you actually want to use the room for. If it’s going to be mostly for personal relaxation and watching TV or are you reserving it for entertaining guests? Your decision will be the basis on how you can effectively place your furniture pieces together.

Modern Living Room Furniture Set

modern living room furniture idea

Simple Apartment Living Room Idea

simple apartment living room idea

Spacious Living Room Furniture

spacious living room furniture

Cozy Living Room Decor Idea

cozy living room decor idea

Urban Apartment Living Room Design

urban apartment living room design

Small Stylish Living Room Plan

small stylish living room plan

Traditional Living Room Furniture Idea

traditional living room furniture idea

Modern Living Room Design

modern living room design

Small Apartment living Room Idea

small apartment living room idea

Spacious Living Room Furniture Idea

spacious living room furniture idea

Apartment Living Room Furniture Design

apartment living room furniture design

Apartment Living Room Interiors

apartment living room interiors


Lastly, a small room can be made to look more roomy with light colored paint or wallpaper. Dark colors will only make the room look cramped.

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