Whether it’s a large or a small living room, the modern design will make it look fashionable. A modern space has style and character while still remaining a comfortable area where you can enjoy time with your loved ones or even alone. The color combinations along with the elegant furnishing will allow you to create a functional space that exudes confidence just like the following modern living room designs that we prepared for you today.

Small Modern Living Room Design

A modern design in a small space will make your living room look larger than it is. There are many designs to choose for your space ranging from sofas to coffee tables and from lighting fixtures to modern rug designs.

Small Modern Living Room with Grey Sofa

small modern living room with grey sofa


Small Modern Living Room Lighting

small modern living room lighting1


White Modern Living Room Design

White is a beautiful color to choose for any room. In modern design, white will give you a pure minimalistic touch that you can always choose to break with colored accessories. Choose your furniture in white colors and brighten up. You may also see Glass Wall Living Room Designs

White Modern Living Room with Fireplace

white modern living room with fireplace

Zias Building Design

White Modern Living Room Furniture Idea

white modern living room furniture idea


Modern Country Living Room Design

If you like both modern and country styles then you can have the perfect merge of the two. You can keep the furniture in minimalistic design while experimenting with the various textures of the country style adding warmth and elegance. You may also see Country Living Room Designs

Modern Country Living Room Sofa Design

modern country living room sofa design


Modern Country Living Room Wall Cabinets

modern country living room wall cabinets


Rustic Modern Living Room

Wood and metal get the leading role to the modern rustic mix. You can choose a wooden floor that will add rusticity in the room along with wooden furniture that will complete the look in a modern design of minimalism.

Rustic Small Modern Living Room

rustic small modern living room


Rustic Modern Living Room Ceiling Design

rustic modern living room ceiling design


Modern Farmhouse Living Room

With a gorgeous rug in beautiful colors and warm tones in the furniture, you will be able to bring it all together in a modern farmhouse design. You can incorporate materials like wicker to add warmth in a modern design. You may also see Turquoise Living Room Designs

Modern Stone Fireplace Living Room

modern stone fireplace living room

Plain View Design

Modern White Farmhouse Living Room

modern white farmhouse living room


Modern Grey Living Room

Grey is a gorgeous color that you can find in many shades. You can incorporate it in your living room starting from the furniture and extending to the walls in various shades that you can break with blue or yellow.

Modern Grey and White Living Room

modern grey and white living room


Modern Contemporary Grey Living Room

modern contemporary grey living room

Photo by Peter Dressel

Modern Industrial Living Room

In industrial rooms you need to focus on the frame of the furniture. Metallic frames with wooden or glass tops will give you a great style that will look modern and sophisticated while enjoying your time with your loved ones. You may also see Feminine Living Room Designs

Modern Industrial Living Room Wall Art

modern industrial living room wall art


Modern Industrial Penthouse Living Room

modern industrial penthouse living room

Photo by Andy McRory

Modern Apartment Living Room

Depending to the available space you can go for different living room layouts. You can choose a sofa in a U shape for a really small space or you can add armchairs that will give you seating space when entertaining.

Modern Small Apartment Living Room

modern small apartment living room


Modern Apartment Living Room Interior

modern apartment living room interior


Modern Purple Living Room Idea

If you want to add a dramatic touch to your space then you should consider the purple color. You can incorporate it in the walls to create an assent backdrop or you can go for a purple piece of furniture. You may also see Purple Living Room Designs

Modern Purple Wall Living Room

modern purple wall living room


Modern Purple and White Living Room

modern purple and white living room


Modern Formal Living Room

From a plush luxurious rug to a stunning set of table lamps you can find a great variety in furniture and accessories in order to bring something extraordinary for your modern formal living room. Choose neutral colors for extra style.

Modern Formal Living Room Furniture

modern foraml living room furniture


Modern Formal White Living Room

modern formal white living room


For a modern living room you need to keep things simple. You are allowed to incorporate one statement piece that will help you create a focal point but you need to keep it to the minimum. You have the freedom to introduce colors in the furniture or the accessories. A colorful sofa or a designer rug in stylish color schemes will give you the right amount of color to help elevate the room’s style effortlessly.

A living room needs to be pleasant. You can go for the outlook that suits your personality in order to create something stunning. Also consider choosing modern living room furniture to add a creative design that will bring everything together in a stylish and modern way with luxurious furnishing designs.

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