If your living room is small then you have nothing to fear because this will help you style it easier. You can find many living room designs that will give you creative as well as smart ideas regarding a small space’s style. If you are interested to delve into the world of a small living room then keep on reading. We have prepared for you a collection of small living room ideas that will inspire. You may also see Small Space Living Room Designs

Small Apartment Living Rooms

Depending on the living room’s space you can use two sofas or a sofa and a couple armchairs to comfortably seat your guests. For really small spaces you can skip the armchairs and replace them with a stylish matching ottoman.

Small Apartment Living Room Furniture

small apartment living room furniture1


Small Apartment Living Room Sofa Design

small apartment living room sofa design

Photo by Michelle Williams

Small Modern Living Room Ideas

With a less is more approach you can make your space look larger than it is. Choose furniture with minimalistic designs keeping the lines crisp for a sophisticated touch. Incorporate color with fashionable accessories like rugs or curtains for character. You may also see Small Living Room Decorative Ideas

Small Modern Living Room with Corner Sofa

small modern living room with corner sofa

Photo by Stephani Buchman

Small Modern Living Room Lighting

small modern living room lighting


Small Condo Living Room Designs

You can create an accent wall in order to bring character in your small condo living room. Additionally, wall mounted furniture will help you make your space look larger while adding style and elegance in a mix of smart living.

Grey Small Condo Living Room

grey small condo living room


Small Condo Living Room Furniture

small condo living room furniture


Luxury Small Living Rooms

Incorporate well designed furniture that will give you an excellent look of luxury. A small chandelier in a stunning design will give you glamorous tone while fine fabrics can give you luxurious designs for your rugs, sofa or your armchairs.

Luxury Modern Small Living Room

luxury modern small living room


Small Rustic Living Rooms

In order to incorporate rusticity in your small space you need to focus on wooden furniture. Moreover, stone and leather can help you add a warm touch to the style while a rustic chandelier is going to complete the look.

Small Rustic Cottage Living Room

small rustic cottage living room


Small Rustic Living Room with Fireplace

small rustic living room with fireplace


Small Country Living Room Ideas

Choose delicate pieces of furniture that will make your space look stylish. The country design aims in a warming and inviting design that you can achieve with adorable pillows and rural wall décor to blend them all together in harmony.

Small Country Cottage Living Room

small country cottage living room

Photo by Beech

Small Living Room Furniture

In a living room you will have to avoid bulky furniture. Instead opt for designs with smaller structure r frame in order to give the illusion of a bigger space. You can choose a sectional sofa to give you mobility. You may also see Small Living Room Furniture Designs

Small Vintage Living Room Furniture

small vintage living room furniture


Small Traditional Living Room Ideas

Create a comfortable space with stunning furniture in farmhouse style. This will create an inviting look in your small living room. Classic pieces like wicker armchairs or coffee table will give you a stylish option to create a balanced design.

Small Traditional Living Room Furniture

small traditional living room furniture


Small Contemporary Living Rooms

A minimalistic sofa and a stylish armchair are enough to give you a contemporary design in a small living room. You can choose small drawers for your side tables to gain more storage and a stylish floor lamp with gusto.

Small Contemporary Living Room Wall Design

small contemporary living room wall design


Small Formal Living Room Designs

Create balance with two table lamps that you can place on symmetrical positions. You can choose sofa or armchair designs in plush upholstery that will make your space look luxurious and formal to use on special occasions or every day. You may also see Small Formal Living Room Designs

Small Formal Living Room with White Sofa

small formal living room with white sofa


Small Formal Living Room with Fireplace

small formal living room with fireplace


Eclectic Small Living Room Designs

Dramatic colors and vivacious patterns play the leading role in the eclectic style. You can choose the armchairs in a stunning pattern or a unique design that will act as a focal point that will contradict the rest of the furnishings. You may also see Eclectic Living Room Designs

Eclectic Small Living Room Sofa Design

eclectic small living room sofa design


Small Home Eclectic Living Room

small home eclectic living room


Small Cottage Living Room Ideas

Classic pieces of furniture can replace your coffee table with successful results. You can go for a chest design with a stunning design in cottage style to add character. Also a set of floral curtains will soften up the space.

Small Beach Cottage Living Room

small beach cottage living room


For a small space you can skip the classic coffee table and replace it with dram designs or round ottomans. You can also incorporate a dramatic look with dark paint color for your walls. This will blend perfectly with light colored furnishing that you can integrate with matching colored pillows.

Living room furniture can give you many solutions for a small space. Some designs have a light structure that makes the space look airy while others offer you smart storage solutions to help you keep your space clatter free. No matter what you choose the style will surely reward you.

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