Pink is an extremely popular colour in home decor. Normally associated with femininity, its various shades can still make a room look formidable and elegant. And for those who want a predominant colour scheme for their living room, the pink offers several advantages because it offers brightness as well as colour. Here are some design schemes that complement a pink sofa decor with sophistication. You may also see Gray Sofa Living Room Designs

Farmhouse Pink Sofa Living Room

framhouse pink sofa living room

Georgina Gibson Interior Design

Vintage Pink Sofa Living Room

vintage pink sofa living room

Small Pink Sofa Living Room

small pink sofa living room

Caitlin Wilson Design

The sofa is the most prominent feature of your living room and the decor of the entire room revolves around it. Hence, the sofa needs to be set against a wall and wall furniture that complement and emphasise the sofa’s aesthetics. One way to do this is to have a white wall immediately behind the sofa and two partitioned alcoves on either side of the wall painted with different shades of pink. The white wall emphasises the colour of the sofa while the alcoves complement it. You may also see Living Room Sofa Designs

Modern Pink Sofa for Living Room

modern pink sofa for living room

Photo by Alex Maguire

Retro Style Pink Sofa Design

retro style pink sofa design

Simple Pink Sofa Living Room

simple pink sofa living room

Bright Pink Sofa Living Room Design

bright pink sofa living room design

Cool Light Pink Sofa Living Room

cool light pink sofa living room

Kid’s Living Room with Pink Sofa

kids living room with pink sofa

Design by D2 Interieurs

Pink and White Striped Sofa Living Room

pink and white striped sofa living room

If your sofa is set in front of a window, the ideal complement would be pink curtains of a different shade. The glass of the window would be the perfect backdrop. While white walls optimally go with pink sofas, you might consider a light shade of grey to stand out from the pink crowd. Your coffee table should then be a combination of pink and the wall colour to maintain colour harmony. If the walls are white, the flooring can have a predominantly have a reddish hue. If light grey, let your floor have a bluish tinge.

Transitional Pink Sofa Living Room

transitional pink sofa living room

Awesome Pink Sofa Living Room Idea

awesome pink sofa living room idea

Photo by Rick Ricozzi

Sectional Pink Sofa Living Room

sectional pink sofa living room

Simple Pink Sofa Living Room Design

simple pink sofa living room design

Design by Manuel Sequeira Architecte

Eclectic Pink Sofa Living Room Design

eclectic pink sofa living room design

Photo by Chris Snook

Elegant Pink Sofa Living Room

elegant pink sofa living room

Photo by Colin Cadle

Traditional Pink Sofa Living Room Design

traditional pink sofa living room design

Victorian Pink Sofa Living Room Design

victorian pink sofa living room design

Locate your pink sofa set in the middle of the room in front of a white fireplace offset by blue or pastel walls. You could add green to the room by having a lot of plants and flowers in strategic places. Your lampshades, window shelves and curtains would do well to complement the sofa as well as the walls. Try grey for the coffee table; it works well with pastel and blue as well. Let reddish furniture and white flooring round off the living room’s colour scheme. You may also see Retro Sofa Designs

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