Sideboards can be stylish and can be kept as casual tables anywhere in the house. You could place a sideboard in the bedroom to store all your daily essentials, or in the dining area for storing dishes or maybe right next to a sofa in the living room or near the entrance of the house. Wherever you choose to keep a sideboard, just make sure that you keep it functional. You may also see Kitchen Sideboard Designs

Modern Sideboard Designs

Modern sideboards are now coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Moreover, the materials used for making a sideboard range from wooden to natural stone and other materials. They definitely make the dining area look stylish while adding functionality to the space.

Contemporary Modern Sideboard Design

contemporary modern sideboard design

Dining Room Sideboard Designs

Since sideboards are primarily placed in dining rooms, there are a number of designs available today in sideboards or buffet tables. They come with opening doors just like cabinets, some of them have a glass top above and some tables also come with sectional drawers. You may also see Ottoman Designs

Dining Room Wooden Sideboard Design

dining room wooden sideboard design

Built-In Sideboard Designs

There are several built-in sideboard designs made in dark colors like black with matte finish. A sideboard which is built in also has mirrored backsplash, and another sideboard which has a glass built in cabinet right above the built in sideboard. Built in sideboards are more functional as they are fixed in one place.

Built-In Wall Sideboard Design

built in wall sideboard design

Rustic Sideboard Designs

Rustic design is always appealing and has a charm to it. When it comes to sideboards, rustic designs and colors like black, brown and gold looks absolutely regal.  Rustic designs in sideboard include wooden, antique etc. Adding a sideboard in a rustic design is a great way to enhance the rustic appeal of your house. You may also see Headboard Designs

Rustic Wood Sideboard Idea

rustic wood sideboard idea

Small Sideboards

Small sideboards are not just convenient but they do not occupy much space so they can be placed and shifted easily. They come in cute shapes and mini drawers for storage of dishes. Small sideboards can be placed in backyards and patios.

Small Living Room Sideboard

small living room side board

Living Room Sideboard Designs

Living rooms also contain sideboards and they are usually minimalist. A white sideboard with a mini lamp placed above containing drawers and doors for storage is ideal. In a living room, a sideboard has to be large and hence, choose one with multiple drawers.

Apartment Living Room Sideboard

apartment living room sideboard

Farmhouse Sideboards

When it comes to farmhouses, vintage and old décor is always preferred. Thus, a farmhouse sideboard in rustic colors with an old world charm, featuring large doors can be perfect. You can include wooden sideboards combined with metal or other materials for a better finish.

Farmhouse Dining Room Sideboard

farmhouse dining room sideboard

Kitchen Sideboard Designs

A sideboard in kitchen can save you from a lot of mess and clutter. Place them in the right direction and it can add to your convenience. Kitchen sideboards must consist of several drawers and doors for storage purposes. For the kitchen, there has to be a sideboard as there are way too many things in the kitchen that need to be stored. You may also see Kitchen Furniture Designs

Cottage Kitchen Sideboard Idea

cottage kitchen sideboard idea

Floating Sideboard Designs

Floating sideboards have to be mini and should have a good amount of distance between the floor and table. A sideboard made of wooden with an open space above can be great for storing miscellaneous things in the house.

Floating Wooden Sideboard Design

floating wooden sideboard design

Patio Sideboards

Sideboards in the patios can be simple and fuss free. Made of wooden or dark material, there are several designs you can choose. There can be multiple drawers with a blank space in the center and a slab right below.

Traditional Patio Sideboard Idea

traditional patio sideboard idea

Bedroom Sideboard Designs

A bedroom sideboard can have a mirror which can be used as a dressing table with a chair. It has to be large and functional to store as many things possible. You can also decorate the sideboard with vase and flowers.

Modern Bedroom Sideboard

modern bedroom sideboard

Building Solutions and Design

Curved Sideboard Designs

Curved sideboard designs are space savers. They do not occupy much space and also look stylish. There are different kinds of curved sideboards and are made in several different materials including wooden, deco, natural stone etc.

Small Curved Sideboard Idea

small curved sideboard idea

Vintage Sideboards

Vintage sideboards have unique prints and designs. Antique décor items can also be placed above the table. Vintage prints in bright colors and fonts or numbers are also printed in the sideboards. Choose one that matches with the décor of your space.

Vintage Living Room Sideboard

vintage living room sideboard

Traditional Sideboard Designs

When the word traditional comes into existence while talking about house décor, automatically wooden furniture comes to our mind. Dark wooden sideboards with lamps and vases placed above makes for picture perfect traditional sideboards.

Best Traditional Sideboard Idea

best traditional sideboard idea

White Sideboard Designs

White sideboards look elegant, classy and minimalist. They can be contrasted with gold hue background for a sophisticated look. Contemporary homes make use of white sideboards to make their house hold a modern touch.

Modern White Sideboard Design

modern white sideboard design

Photo by Stephani Buchman

Hallway Sideboards

Sideboards placed in hallways have to be simple and small. They can be made of wooden, light wood, carved wood etc. you can decorate the sideboard with mirrors, vases, lamps etc. This will lighten up the whole of hallway and enhance its look.

Vintage Hallway Sideboard

vintage hallway sideboard

Sideboards are an important décor item in a house, they are very useful for storage. They have been kept since ages and in French they are called as buffets. They are multipurpose tables and also make for a nice décor accessory in the house.

How Sideboards are Used?

Sideboards are generally used in dining areas for the purpose of storing the dishes. They are increasingly becoming popular in several areas of the house including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, as well as in the bathrooms. They are used for storing miscellaneous items in an organized manner. The décor items are also placed above the sideboards for an enhanced appeal in the house.

Trends of Sideboards

Sideboards are one of the best addition to the space, be it the kitchen, dining space or the bedrooms. Classic designs in sideboards have made a major comeback but with a fine touch. Contemporary sideboards with a classic touch are making waves. New age sideboards are more on the colorful side, they are crisp and elegant with pop of color splash. They can be used to store a whole lot of things including books, CDs, dishes and a lot more. Modern day sideboards are minimalist but with an elegant use of color.

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