Townhouse Garden Designs

While designing the townhouse gardens, the most important factor to keep in mind is the space constraint. To make the maximum ground space usage of a townhouse garden, important parameters to consider are functionality, style and structure of the garden. The plants for a townhouse garden must be selected carefully so that each one gets the required amount of sunlight.

Green Front Townhouse Landscaping in the Garden Design Ideas


Brooklyn Garden Design


Urban Garden Design


One of the most stylish ways to design a townhouse garden is to go for potted plants. The pots must complement the other furniture used in the garden. Planters can be used in a townhouse garden to accommodate more pots giving lush green surroundings. Using mobile planters in a garden will ensure a private corner gets created in the garden whenever needed.

NewYork Townhouse Rooftop Modern Garden

New-York-Townhouse-Rooftop-modern garden

Modern Townhouse Landscape

12Modern townhouse-landscape

Peaceful Townhouse Garden Design Traditional Patio

Peaceful Townhouse garden Design traditional-patio

Secret Garden Traditional Landscape


Elegant Townhouse Garden Home Design

Elegent Townhouse Garden home-design

Pots of same designs but different sizes would lend a better look to the townhouse garden than that of using pots of different designs. Using resin pots for a townhouse terrace garden is better because of their lightweight and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Awesome Green Townhouse Garden

Awesome Green Townhouse garden

Blue Bench Transitional Landscape


Nice Town Garden Design

Nice Town Garden design

Beautiful Garden Home Design

Beautiful Garden home-design

Small Townhouse Garden Idea

Small Townhouse garden

West Over Landscape Design


Sweet Bottom Plantation Traditional Landscape


City Townhouse Contemporary Landscape


Glenna Partridge Garden Designs

Garden Architecture Modern Landscape


Townhouse Garden Roof Terrace Stone Patio Bench Contemporary Deck


Cabbage Town Contemporary Landscape


Townhouse Garden in Northeast Raleigh Traditional Exterior


Container Gardens Planters Contemporary Landscape



Townhouse Garden in Northeast Raleigh Traditional Exterior


Backyard Swing in Perennial Garden Traditional Landscape


Townhouse Garden San Francisco


Trendy Townhouse Garden Design

Trendy Townhouse garden Design

Townhouse gardens can be stylishly landscaped using shrubs of different types that match the particular soil type. You must avoid using too many flowering plants of different colors in a townhouse garden as it would give a cluttered look to the place.

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