Every woman desires for her own dressing area. There is something very satisfying having your own dressing area or a vanity. That space which makes you feel beautiful and confident and gives you a head start for the day. This makes a Vanity desk an essential for your bedroom. You can arrange your accessories and makeup essentials and have everything perfectly sorted on the table. It makes the ‘getting ready’ process more interesting. There are some very interesting designs that you can check out. After all, it is not a bad idea to start celebrating your new outlook with a new vanity table.

1. Wire Loop Vanity

wire loop vanity

The wire loop vanity is beautifully designed. It can instantly add a wholesomeness to your bedroom.

2. Isa Dressing Table

isa dressing table

Isa dressing table by Studio Irvine is an epitome of contemporary vanity tables. The design is sleek and well finished. The White Carrara marble polish and the matte finish gives it an ethereal look.

3. Lady’s Desk

lady’s desk

Last but not the least, this Lady’s Desk is massive and will give your bedroom a larger than life look. It is beautiful to look at and has been made from premium quality wood.

4. Cabana Vanity

cabana vanity

With the Cabana Vanity, you can get it custom finished in any color of your choice. We love the blue color given on the website as a sample. With this vanity, you can add a lot of drama to your room. The design looks elegant and super clean. It also has a mirror that folds down and hides the interior space.

5. Elite Vanity with Mirror

elite vanity with mirror

If you are not looking for anything contemporary, then we have something regal to offer you. Elite vanity table does a complete justice to its name. Made up of cherry wood, it features a large central drawer and two smaller drawers on each side. The legs as well as the vertical support, of the mirror, are engraved.

7. Lana Dressing Table

lana dressing table

The Lana dressing table comes with a removable leather lined jewelry tray and a drawer divider. It has an ample number of drawers or all your storage requirements. The vanity table has been finished with Solid natural black American walnut or solid white oiled oak.

8. Salon Desk

salon desk

Another vanity desk designed with minimalism and clutter free approach. It is made up with Maple veneers and has a Alabaster finish.

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