Incorporating creative ideas in a space is a sure way to make it look stylish and full of character. In the vanity designs that are available you might see featuring various materials and in some cases creative ideas like mirrored finish. You can find them in many designs featuring exquisite styles to help you choose. Following you will find a collection of mirrored vanity designs that we have prepared for you sharing useful decorating ideas.

Vintage Mirrored Vanity

If you like the vintage designs but you want something that will bring a fresh note with it then you can choose a piece with mirrored features. This will make your space look stunning with a strong classic style tone. You may also see Powder Room Vanity Designs

Vintage Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

Grey Frame Vintage Mirrored Vanity

Photo by Chris Snook

DIY Mirrored Vanity

If you already have a vanity that needs a change then you can choose a silver spray paint with reflective finish in order to paint your vanity. You can also choose mirror films to stick on your vanity for the desired mirrored effect.

Awesome DIY Mirrored Vanity

Wooden DIY Mirrored Vanity

Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

Mirrored bathroom vanities come in many designs. Whether you aim for a modern look or for a classic design you can have it all with a glamorous mirrored vanity that will brighten up the space adding character and extra style. You may also see Small Bathroom Vanity Designs

White Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

Mirrored Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Mirrored Makeup Vanity

Doing your makeup routine on a glamorous vanity will make you feel like a beauty queen. Mirrored vanities have a strong look that blends easier with neutral colors based on white or black and elegant gray with silver and gold undertones. You may also see Makeup Vanity Designs

Traditional Mirrored Makeup Vanity

Large Mirrored Makeup Vanity

Modern Mirrored Vanity

A modern mirrored vanity has a minimalistic look that makes your space look elegant. You can choose any design that draws your attention while you can always match it with a vanity mirror in the same style for matching effect.

Modern Mirrored Floating Vanity

Modern Wall Mirrored Vanity

White Mirrored Vanity

White mirrored vanities have an inert elegance that can transform a space into a magnificent setting. They come in many designs featuring mirrored surfaces with white wood or metal that can give off an elegant design for white bedrooms or bathrooms. You may also see White Vanity Designs

Cool White Mirrored Vanity

White Mirrored Vanity Lighting Idea

Mirrored Sink Vanity

Mirrored sink vanities give a chic look in your bathrooms. You can opt for a design with silver or gold undertones in order to create a cold or a warm design. You have to choose it in a style that matches the space.

Simple Mirrored Sink Vanity

Modern Mirrored Sink Vanity

Mirrored Vanity with Lighting

Some designs offer you lighting options in order to create an incredible style for your space. Suitable for doing your makeup as well as for decorating reasons you can add light in a stunning mirrored vanity that will reflect it graciously.

Mirrored Vanity with Forte Lighting

Mirrored Vanity with Recessed Lighting

Mirrored Vanity Desk Designs

A mirrored vanity can also be used as a desk design. Make your bedrooms desk a stunning piece that will draw attention as a focal point. These designs have storage space with drawers to help you keep everything organized.

Mirrored Bedroom Vanity Desk Design

Design by Lompier Interior Group

Small Mirrored Vanity Desk Design

Small Mirrored Vanity Designs

There is no reason why a small vanity shouldn’t have style with a mirrored design. You can find them in incredible designs with small sizes to fit comfortably in every bedroom. Choose a combination of white or black with mirror for extra style.

Small Rustic Mirrored Vanity Design

Small Oval Shape Mirrored Vanity

Design by Robert Frank Interiors

Mirrored designs have a stylish and high-class look that turns every space into a stunning setting. You will find these designs featuring in bathroom vanities to add a great deal of elegance in both large and small spaces. In any case, we hope that you enjoyed our today’s collection.

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