Finding the right furniture designs for your space is not always easy. There are many different factors that you have to consider depending on style, layout, material and shape. In this post, we are going to give you an alternative option to help you think out of the box with incredible designs with mirrored surface. So keep on reading for our collection of mirrored furniture designs that will make your space look infinitely fabulous. You may also see Mirrored Coffee Table Designs

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

From the bed to the wardrobe, you have a great deal of options to choose for your bedroom. Choose the right design according to the style you want in your space and brighten it up with a glamorous mirrored surface.

Mirrored Bedroom Nightstand Design

mirrored bedroom nightstand design

Mirrored Living Room Furniture

Your living room is a space where you entertain your guests. That makes it important to showcase your best furniture and this can be done with mirrored designs. With light reflecting qualities and extra style that will definitely impress everyone. You may also see Mirrored Nightstand Designs

Mirrored Center Table for Living Room

mirrored centre table for living room

Antique Mirrored Furniture

Antique designs have a classic look that will make your space look elegant in an old world fashion. Adding a mirrored effect, though, you will end with a trendy design that will make every room look like it came straight out of editorials.

Antique Bathroom Mirrored Furniture

antique bathroom mirrored furniture

Vintage Mirrored Furniture

Choose the right color of the mirror depending on the pieces paint. For warm tones, you can go for rose or yellow gold undertones while for cold colors a silver undertone will make the mirror look fantastic with extra character.

Vintage Mirrored Vanity Table Design

vintage mirrored vanity table design

Mirrored Lounge Furniture

Your lounge area needs to be stylish and composed in elegant furniture. A mirrored design will add extra light brightening up the space while adding sophisticated glamor that will give you extra points for style from all of your guests.

Contemporary Mirrored Lounge Furniture

contemporary mirrored lounge furniture

Luxury Mirrored Furniture Ideas

A luxurious piece can have many different styles. The most sought after ones are the contemporary, the vintage and the eclectic. You can choose any style you prefer though making your space look stylish and elegant with decorative mirrored designs.

Cool Luxury Mirrored Furniture

cool luxury mirrored furniture

Rustic Mirrored Furniture

Visible wood grains and mirrored surfaces work with perfect harmony. You can find many designs in the rustic style that will give you an all time classic look while making your space brighter due to the mirror’s light reflecting properties.

Rustic Mirrored Coffee Table Idea

rustic mirrored coffee table idea

Mirrored Dining Furniture Design Ideas

Turn your dining room into a glamorous space by choosing mirrored furniture. From the chairs to the dining table you have many different options to go for while you can also choose a state of art pieces for focal points.

Modern Mirrored Dining Furniture

modern mirrored dining furniture

Mirrored Hallway Furniture

Mirrored furniture is the best choice for your hallway. As an awkward space, the style you will add with a mirrored design will give an instant uplift regarding the style while at the same time adding light and vivacious character.

Mirrored Hallway Table Design

mirrored hallway table design

Suzy Harris Designs

Modern Mirrored Furniture

In case you want a modern approach then you should go for a minimalistic design. Choose a piece with crisp lines and elegant curves that will complement your living area while reflecting the light with a soft glow for style.

Modern Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

modern mirrored bedroom furniture

Photo by Chris Snook

Mirrored Office Furniture Ideas

Whether it is a corporate office or the one in your home, a mirrored office piece will make your space look sophisticated. These designs don’t require complex décor so that allows you to create a minimalistic space with extra character.

Mirrored Home Office Desk Design

mirrored home office desk design

Contemporary Mirrored Furniture

The contemporary furniture has an artistic approach that will give you stylish designs. The modern furniture will make your space look posh while you can choose a statement piece that will steal the limelight in every day and occasion.

Contemporary Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

contemporary mirrored bedroom furniture

All the above designs can be used in any space that you might see fit. There are pieces that would work well in your kitchen or in your bedroom while there are also options for living room furniture that will make your space look glamorous with a sense of luxury.

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