A mirror can make a difference inside a room. This piece of decor can change the room’s ambience depending on the size or the design of the mirror. Available in a huge variety of frames and designs, a mirror can be incorporated in every room inside your house adding character and style. In today’s post we have put together a collection of 20+ mirror designs to give an insight for many impressive and creative ideas. You may also See Bathroom Mirror Designs

Bathroom Mirror Designs

bathroom mirror designs

dSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA

Choose a mirror in a beautiful design in order to add character in your bathroom. Choosing the right scale for your bathroom is essential. You can find many designs are suitable for specific styles and incorporate various decorative elements like metal, wood, stone tiles or marble frames to choose from.

Wall Mirror Designs

wall mirror designs

Martha O'Hara Interiors

Decorative wall mirrors have an artistic appearance that can work in favor of every room in your house. From large pieces with floral frame to 3D mirrors you can find many different designs for every room. The brightness and the stunning look of the mirror will reward your taste.

Modern Mirror Designs

modern mirror designs

J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern

Modern mirrors require a simple design with a minimalist approach. You can find many designs for modern mirrors that you use to tone down a room’s look. The simple frames allow for versatile use in every room inside your home adding a subtle elegance to the space without standing out.

Living Room Mirror Designs

living room mirror designs

FAB Architecture

The living room is one of the spaces that require stylish mirrors. Create a beautiful look with a set of medium sized mirrors that you can hang side by side. For this décor you will need an impressive frame in order to make it look chic and dazzling.

Floor Mirror Design Ideas

floor mirror design ideas

Design Discoveries

A floor mirror will help you make the space look wider. Covering a larger length you will have the opportunity to play with the furniture as well as with the room’s lighting. A floor mirror design with a recliner and floor lamp will make your room look sophisticated and scrumptious.

Mosaic Mirror Designs

mosaic mirror designs

French Interior Design Studio

Mosaic patterns tend to have an ethnic look. You can have a ready-made mosaic mirror with beautiful patterns and color combinations or you can make your own mirror with blank framed mirror and mosaic tiles.

Fireplace Mirror Ideas

fireplace mirror ideas

Nash Baker Architects

There is always space above your fireplace to add a mirror. There is a vast selection of mirror designs to choose from, incorporating classic and innovative materials to help everyone find the right one. Because of the height they will be, you will have to ensure that they are secure.

Dressing Room Mirror Designs

dressing room mirror designs

Taylor Hannah Architect Inc

The mirrors with the classic light bulbs have been a trend that features in every ideal dressing room. Nowadays there are many designs that incorporate the light with LED lights creating a soft and stunning look.

Etched Mirror Designs

etched mirror designs


Etched mirrors are perfect for décor in bedrooms, hallways and staircases. You can find remarkable designs that depict inspiring illustrations while maintaining the qualities of the mirror. These can look perfect instead of a wall painting that will make everyone stop and take a look. You may also See Powder Room Vanity Designs

Square Mirror Designs

square mirror designs

Urrutia Design

Square mirrors have a crisp look that looks perfect in contemporary rooms. In most cases the frame has a minimalist design that makes the mirror a versatile piece of decor. You can use many medium sized mirrors to create an extraordinary synthesis for your living room or your dining room.

Small Mirror Designs

small mirror designs

Mary Cook

Small mirrors look charming and cute. There is a great variety of small mirror designs that ranges from orthogonal to round shapes and from eccentric to traditional styles. You can create an amazing synthesis of small mirrors in round shape in order to give a nautical look in the room.

Vanity Mirror Ideas

vanity mirror ideas


A vanity mirror has to look elegant and glamorous. There are many mirror designs for vanities that you can choose from in order to style your room or your bathroom. A large piece would be preferable while medium sized mirrors can look scrumptious too.

Dining Room Mirror Ideas

dining room mirror ideas

RMI - Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Hang a large mirror with an elegant frame in your dining room and let your dinner party guests admire your choice. There are many designs that you can choose from covering a range of wood, metal, crystal and marble materials creating amazing looks for your dinning room.

Entryway Mirror Ideas

entryway mirror ideas


Don’t just cover your entrance wall with a mirror. Choose a design that will complement the room while creating the illusion of space. These designs look perfect with a table in front of the mirror that has elegant and stylish accessories like a vase or lanterns with candles. You may also See Mirrored Coffee Table Designs

In case the space is small or narrow you can place a large mirror on the wall to create the illusion of space. Additionally, in room’s that have little natural light, you can brighten it up with a set of mirrors or a one piece on the wall. Home accessory designers advise for round or polygonal mirrors. With these designs you can add an elegant and modern look to your space while keeping it subtle.

Apart from their decorating use, mirrors can make a space look bigger while adding brightness. From modern designs to antique mirrors, there are so many designs that can decorate your house with style. In any case we hope that we achieved giving you a few amazing ideas for your house.

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