With desk we think of office spaces, classrooms in schools and even study room at home. Desk designs can change the look of a space completely. It is not necessary to follow the stereotypes. Smart desk choices can add colour, grace and beauty to your space. There are various innovative desk designs to improve practicality of a space. We have listed a few amazing desk designs which will change your views on the use and look of a desk. You may also See Kids’ Desk Designs

Office Desk Designs

office desk designs

Niche reDesign

An office desk with sturdy wooden body and built in drawers at one side with glass top looks classy. This design gives you enough leg space while sitting and storage space for keeping your documents. You can also have a sleek metal desk body with a sturdy ply top.

Corner Desk Designs

corner desk designs


Corner desks are best ways to utilise otherwise wasted corner space. It gives you ample space to accommodate you laptop or desk top with enough leg space where you can comfortably place your CPU as well. You choose to keep it plain fit drawers to increase the storage space.

Built In Desk Designs

built in desk designs

John Kraemer & Sons

Instead of keeping a separate desk you can use the space below your windows to make a wooden ledge which can be used as desk. You can also convert the lower part of your shelf into your work station at home. Most office use built in desks in open office models to save space.

Modern Desk Designs

modern desk designs

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

A sleek pattern with clean lines and single in-word bend in between to make a platform underneath which can be used to keep papers, keyboard or files. Have you ever thought of a sleek desk for one person with a smartly designed wooden hood? If you need privacy while working just open the hood.

Kitchen Desk Designs

kitchen desk designs

FSI Design

Your kitchen needs ample storage space. You can use the space below one of the over head shelf to make your desk. You can also use one of your counters near the window to make your desk which is enough to keep a laptop, a pen-stand and off course a cup of coffee.

Floating Desk Designs

floating desk designs

Sarah Barnard Design

Floating desks are stylish and space savers. Imagine how much space is needed to place a table in a room Instead fix a beautiful dark wood shelf which can be used as the work desk. Consider a fibre wall mount with sturdy yet classy acrylic shelves to keep files and a lower acrylic platform which can be easily used as a desk. Acrylic shelves are strong enough to bear the weight of a printer as well. You can have your entire office set up on one single wall.

L Shaped Desk Designs

l shaped desk designs

Josh Partee | Architectural Photographer

In office spaces L-shaped desk designs are economical and space save as it can station two employees in the space for one. If space is not a problem you can utilise one part of the l-shaped desk to create a shelf above and cabinet for files below. And the other part can be used to work on. It fits well into the corners.

Small Desk Designs

small desk designss

Maria Killam

A sleek wooden desk designed to make a storage platform underneath and simple steel legs are enough for a work station. If you just need your laptop for work, a basic sleek table with a drawer can serve the purpose.

Closet Desk Designs

closet desk designs

Murdock Solon Architects

If you want to work space to be concealed just remodel your closet to make your work station. You can use smaller shelves above for storage. The wider shelf below can be used as desk. The empty space below makes for a good leg space. Close your closet once your work is done. You can remodel your open closet as well to make a work desk.

Reception Desk Designs

reception desk designs

Arnold Schulman Design Group

Reception desk suggests the theme of the space it belongs to. A sleek white coloured desk with clean lines and concealed LED lights looks plush. You can go creative by adding curves to your desk design.

Computer Desk Designs

computer desk designs

Catherine Renae Thomas Design Co.

A simple wooden or metallic computer desk with space below the table to keep the keyboard and space below to place the CPU is perfect. There are many designs that accommodate storage space for CDs and other related accessories as well.

Traditional Desk Designs

traditional desk designs

Tres McKinney Design

A heavily carved wooden desk with storage drawers on each side and leg space in the centre makes for the most traditional desk designs. A basic desk with drawers and legs artistically curved looks traditional and beautiful.

Curved Desk Designs

curved desk designs

Sutro Architects

Curves add a lot of style to any design. A curved wooden desk with seating space in the centre and drawers at ends looks classy. A metallic curved frame with wooden table top makes for a sleek and plush work desk.

Bedroom Desk Ideas

bedroom desk ideas

Angus Cowan Constructions Pty. Ltd

The free space below your bedroom storage shelves on the wall is a perfect space to make your desk. You can also design your bed to accommodate a work station on one side. Replace bed side table to place a work desk. You can use some space at the side to place you midnight lamp.

Desk Lighting Ideas

desk lighting ideas

Progress Lighting

Use study lamps on your desk. A nice bracket light right above your desk is also a good idea. For desks made in closets or counters, concealed LED lights create the light required to work without strain on eyes.

Desks are inevitable for offices and for home as well. Whether you are someone working from the comfort of your home or a student engrossed in studies most of the time, a good desk is very important. There are some pints to be considered while making a desk. The height of the desk should be perfect for you to sit comfortable and look straight at your monitor so that you do not strain your eyes, back or neck. There should be enough leg space for you to stretch your legs time to time to relax your muscles. You may also See Home Office Desk Designs

Desks are practical designs but they can also be an addition to the aesthetics of your space. Smartly chose the medium and colours for your desk to match with your interiors. Once designed and plan well you can use you work desk in style. And is you get confused take some hint from the designs above.

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