A home office requires a desk, as well as some other features that you would usually see in a regular office setting. When looking for a home office desk, it is important to know that there are different designs, styles, sizes and forms of desks that you can choose from. There are desk designs for small home office spaces just as there are designs for shared office or big-spaced office. Thus, one factor to consider is the space allocated for your home office. You may also see Home Office Furniture Designs

Modern Home Office Desks

Designs for modern home office desks are on the minimalistic approach. The idea is to provide a functional desk that would make the space look professional and uncluttered at the same time. You may also see Modern Office Furniture Designs

Modern Home Office Computer Desk

modern home office computer desk


Home Office Computer Desks

This desk design could be similar to the simplicity of the modern desk design, but longer in measurement. The additional length is dedicated for the computer unit and other computer accessories.

Corner Home Office Computer Desk

corner home office computer desk

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Home Office Corner Desks

For a home office with limited space, a corner desk would be the best choice. This kind of office desk allows you to use the space that is often neglected. A corner desk is usually L-shaped, which provides more desk space and better functionality. You may also see Modern Desk Designs

Corner Home Office Desk Storage Idea

corner home office desk storage idea


Small Home Office Desk Ideas

Small home offices need features and furnishings that would make the room look spacious despite the diminutive size. A regular square or rectangular desk would suffice, especially if you do not need to use the desk for storage.

Small White Home Office Desk

small white home office desk


L-Shaped Home Office Desks

An L shaped desk lets you use that corner space that would otherwise go neglected or allocated for the trash bin. Most home offices make use of this desk design to save on space. You may also see Corner Office Desk Designs

 L-Shaped Wooden Home Office Desk

l shaped wooden home office desk


DIY Home Office Desk Designs

If you prefer to build your own desk, you must first decide on the design. Most DIY home office desk are made of wood and rectangular in shape. A drawer on one side under is always a nice addition.

Simple DIY Home Office Desk

simple diy home office desk


Contemporary Home Office Desk Designs

A contemporary designed home office desk can be a simple rectangular style or it can be as innovative as a desk that hangs in the air (wall mounted). Metal framed desks are also considered contemporary in design. You may also see Floating Computer Desk Designs

Contemporary Black Home Office Desk

contemporary black home office desk


Rustic Home Office Desks

Office desks made of unpolished wood are the best to achieve the rustic look. A desk with weathered looking flat surface is a good option, as well as a desk with big blocks of timber for the base and with glass top.

Rustic Wood Home Office Desk

rustic wood home office desk


Built-Inn Home Office Desk Designs

Built-in home office desks are designed to make effective use of your room space. You can have a built in desk the goes around the three corners of the room, or you can just opt for a wall-mounted rectangular desk design. The good thing about built-in desks is that they make the room look spacious.

Traditional Built-In Home Office Desk

traditional built in home office desk


Wood Home Office Desks

Most home office desks are made of wood. Birch or pine plywood makes great top part. Unpolished wooden desks are rustic in appeal, while polished and glittering desks provide professional look.

Traditional Wood Home Office Desk

traditional wood home office desk


Home Office Glass Desks

Glass topped home office desks are very chic. They provide that classy feel into the room and they are also very easy to clean. They can have wood or metal frames or feet.

Modern Home Office Glass Desk

modern home office glass desk


Vintage Home Office Desks

The vintage look can only be achieved by going for the traditional and classic designs. When it comes to home office desks, it means going for the one that are carefully embellished with designs.

Vintage Wood Home Office Desk

vintage wood home office desk


Luxury Home Office Desks

Luxury is all about sufficient space and rich designs. A home office desk with luxury design is one that has wide top space and the right numbers of drawers for sufficient storage.

Modern Luxury Home Office Desk

modern luxury home office desk


Executive Home Office Desks

An executive home office desk is one that is made of wood. It looks solidly built with full framing design accented by carvings and features shelves for storage and displaying books and other office ornaments.

Cool Executive Home Office Desk

cool executive home office desk


Industrial Home Office Desks

Industrial home office desks are designed with the nice combination of metal and wood. Metal framing is a must for the industrial look and the wood top provides the functional required of office desks.

Best Industrial Home Office Desk

unique industrial home office desk


In choosing office furniture, it is vital to know how much space you have. In a home office, you may need to be careful with the size and shape of your office desk. Keep in mind that your home office desk will be dominating the room. Additionally, it will be your most used room feature. So, choose one that you really like and will provide you with the functionalities your work need.

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