If you are craving for a stylish and sophisticated reception area then this is the right post for you. The one thing that makes all the difference in a reception area is the desk designs. You can go for classic beauty or you decide on a minimalistic design with artistic origins. Whether it is destined for your company’s reception or your office, we have prepared a collection of reception desks to help you with choosing. You may also See Modern Desk Designs

Modern Reception Desk Designs

modern reception desk designs

transFORM Home

Modern reception desks come in minimalistic designs bringing you incredible pieces. Create a corporate and at the same inviting space with a design that consists of crisp lines and detailed curves that will add to the areas style with character.

Office Reception Desk Design Ideas

office reception desk design ideas

Nieto Design Group

Abstract designs can give you incredible ideas for office reception desks. There is a huge variety of designs that will make your reception look fashionable and sophisticated while incorporating a creative design with various colors, contrasting materials and matching shapes.

Hospital Reception Desk Designs

hospital reception desk designs

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

A hospital reception must look professional but approachable. For this you need a design that blends with the rest of the space while at the same time, maintains a stylish addition to the space’s character. Choose materials with warm characteristics.

Small Reception Desks

small reception desks

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

A small desk will help your reception look stylish despite the constriction in space. There are various desk designs that come in wood, metal and glass giving you a sophisticated approach with stunning results that will make it quite memorable.

Curved Reception Desk Trends

curved reception desk trends

THINK architecture Inc.

Curved desks are suitable for both large and small reception areas. The soft curve adds an inviting look to the space making it appear warm and stylish. Combine the shape with a strong color in order to add extra character.

Contemporary Reception Desks

contemporary reception desks

Smith Firestone Associates

The contemporary design requires an artistic approach to the desk designs. Create a fashionable design with a desk that comes in a combination of materials like metal and glass or wood, to add a visual interest in the reception area.

Diy Reception Desk Designs

diy reception desk designs

Lindsay von Hagel

All across the web you can find tutorials for reception desk diy projects. You can choose a design and with the right materials and tools you can make your own reception desk. Choose a design with various materials for style.

Round Reception Desks

round reception desks

Arnold Schulman Design Group

With a round desk design you can get many different looks. They go well with modern and contemporary spaces adding a soft design to the reception while maintaining a professional and corporate ambience. They’re available with wood, metal and glass. You may also See Small Desk Designs

Wood Reception Desks

wood reception desks

Dirk Denison Architects

Wood is the one material that can be used in every style. You can go for a traditional design for a classic look or u can go for a modern one with futuristic lines and themes while bringing you warmth.Wood is the one material that can be used in every style. You can go for a traditional design for a classic look or u can go for a modern one with futuristic lines and themes while bringing you warmth.

Rustic Reception Desk Design Ideas

rustic reception desk design ideas

Sweetwater Homes

The rustic design is all about texture. You can bring some rusticity in your space by choosing a reception desk made of wood with visible grains that will add to the style. In this style creativity will reward your efforts. You may also See White Desk Designs

You can find many designs that will give you a professional design with stylish aspects. From home office desks to corporate designs you can choose the one that appeal to your personal tastes. The available styles will amaze you making it easier for you to decide on the right design.

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