Victorian décor is no doubt elegant, classy and stylish and of course holds a vintage-ish antique touch to it. Victorian style décor is known for its ornate decorating style but when it comes to bathrooms, the Victorians liked to keep it highly functional. Victorian style bathrooms are now recreated with a luxurious spa inside the bath spaces. A contemporary styled bathroom can also feature Victorian style décor, nowadays mismatch is highly trending and that makes for a unique bathroom. You may also see vintage bathroom designs.

Small Victorian Bathroom Idea

small victorian bathroom idea

This is a small white Victorian bathroom that features an original claw foot tub and kohler sinks. The bathroom contains a small glass shelf just above the sink and a cute round mirror. The flooring is made of tile and a mixture of other types.

Victorian Bathroom Interior

victorian bathroom interiors

This bathroom containing Victorian interiors has a white and gray color scheme where the gray color adds warmth and cozy feel to the bathroom space. The bathroom features Victorian drapes and curtains in off white which hang in the beautiful view outside.

Vintage Victorian Bathroom

vintage victorian bathroom

This is a vintage Victorian bathroom which features a lovely claw foot tub with a pop of earthy colors. The color scheme brings about a vintage vibe and has a beautiful view which can be seen from the window.

Modern Victorian Bathroom Design

modern victorian bathroom design

This is a modern Victorian bathroom design featuring beautiful chandelier lights and Moroccan marble floors. Both of which are the major highlights of the bathroom space. The mirror which is placed right above the vanity is an amazing one that reflects the whole décor of the bathroom.

Traditional Victorian Bathroom

traditional victorian bathroom

Design by Chris Snook

This is a beautiful, large and spacey Victorian bathroom built in a traditional style with a claw foot tub, wood paneling and all fixtures holding a chrome finish. The flooring is wooden and is painted in light grayish white color which adds appeal to the bathroom.

Black And White Victorian Bathroom Idea

black and white victorian bathroom idea

This Victorian bathroom features black and white décor including the flooring which is black dots joining to form mini squares in white. It features a black external painted matte finish tub which is claw foot and the bathroom has an ornate style décor.

Antique Victorian Bathroom

antique victorian bathroom

This antique Victorian bathroom features hardwood floors in medium tone with white accessories. It features an ornate design mirror along with a square shaped mirror with lights fixed above. The tub is placed right next to the windows which allow for a breathtaking view outside.

Victorian Cottage Bathroom Vanity

victorian cottage bathroom vanity

This is a Victorian designed cottage bathroom featuring a traditional vanity with mirrors. The vanity is made of dark wood with a double vanity makeup area featuring lamps like lights and mirrors. It has a small white tile backsplash that complements the dark wooden vanity.

Classic Victorian Bathroom Design

classic victorian bathroom design

This is a classic Victorian bathroom design featuring a glass door and the décor of this space is chic, simple and elegant. The flooring is medium toned hardwood with textured halfway walls and the rest of which are blue painted walls.

Victorian Terrace Bathroom

victorian terrace bathroom

This Victorian style bathroom is located on the terrace and features a very interesting floor idea which is turquoise patterned tiles. The bathroom has a Mediterranean feel alongside relaxing décor. The flooring is very bold which complements well with the serene set op of the bath space.

Rustic Victorian Bathroom Design

rustic victorian bathroom design

Victorian Bathroom Light Design

victorian bathroom light design

Victorian Spa Bathroom

victorian spa bathroom

Freespace Victorian Bathroom Design

freespace victorian bathroom design

Victorian Bathroom Wall Art Design

victorian bathroom wall art design

Victorian Style Bathroom Design

victorian style bathroom design

Design by Farmers

Victorian Bathroom Furniture Idea

victorian bathroom furniture idea

Victorian style bathroom designs are beautiful, classy and functional. They have an ornate design with beautiful detailing and vintage artifacts. With the right type of lighting, flooring, art pieces and vanity ideas you can create a perfect Victorian bathroom. You can draw inspiration from the above Victorian bathroom designs and recreate or renovate one. We hope you find the above designs useful for creating your very own Victorian style bathroom. You may also see bathroom cabinets designs.

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