Though some people may raise their eyebrows on transparent bathrooms, these ideas are being accepted and considered by a lot of people. Of course, the best place to have a transparent bathroom is inside the bedroom. Some people though have transparent bathrooms outside the bedrooms. To see how these bathrooms have managed to stay discreet despite being transparent, check out the following transparent bathroom designs.

Bed Room with Transparent Bathroom

bed room with transparent bathroom

As mentioned above, a bedroom – usually the master’s bedroom – is the best place to have a transparent bathroom. The privacy of the room extends itself to the bathroom. For this particular bathroom, it is installed right inside the bedroom with just glass acting as partition/door.

Stone Wall with Shower Bathroom Idea

stone wall with shower bathroom idea

Designed By : Butler-Johnson

The stone walls provide the rustic appeal, while the glass door and the tall glass window separating the bathroom from the garden truly defines total transparency.

Dual Mirror Luxury Bathroom Design

dual mirror luxury bathroom design

This bathroom is definitely luxurious in so many ways. The two walls are taken over by two vanity mirror and sink top sets. It is in an all-white design that it certainly looks transparent at first glance. The tub is surely transparent and it is a classic freestanding installed near the semi-circular glass wall.

Victorian Transparent Bathroom Idea

victorian transparent bathroom idea

This bathroom may have limited space, but the use of glass partitions – between tub and show and tub and the rest of the room – allows for a great illusion of more space. The sink sitting on a rustic table provides the Victorian look, while the shiplap is a unique addition.

Spacious Transparent Bubbles Bathroom

specious transparent bubbbles bathroom

This bathroom has a big space, which is emphasized by the white colored ceiling and the light colored non-slip porcelain tile floor. The best part of this bathroom is the glass enclosed shower area, making it totally transparent and cool.

Mediterranean Colorful Transparent Bathroom

mediterranean colorful transparent bathroom

For people who like the colors and excitement of the Mediterranean, this transparent bathroom is a good choice. Yellow walls and ceilings, red-framed glass windows, red towels on the rack, red printed rug at the center, and dark colored cabinet and sink set, these are the features that make this set up truly eye-catching.

Latest Feminine Bathroom with Black Mirrors

latest feminine bathroom with black mirrors

Black mirrors are classy and chic, making them perfect additions to a feminine room. For this bathroom, the black glass idea is used as a partition for the shower area. The glass is attached from ceiling to floor with brackets for both top and bottom, with bottom sealing for additional security. The sliding door leads to a small open space that allows natural light and fresh air.

Beach Style Transparent Bathroom

beach style transparent bathroom

For a long and narrow space, it is a good idea to place the toilet at one end with a dividing wall and door. This allows for privacy and a bit more space for the shower and vanity. With the toilet safely installed separately, the rest of the narrow space is now free. The shower area occupies one side with glass door and partition, while the vanity and sink set to occupy the opposite side.

Modern Grey Transparent Bathroom

modern grey transparent bathroom

This gray and white bathroom is perfectly placed inside a bedroom with low-key colors. The gray glass that serves as a single partition between bathroom and bedroom, creating a nice and easy transition.

Freestanding Tub and Transparent Shower Bathroom

freestanding tub and transparent shower bathroom

The white ceiling and walls of this bathroom create an illusion of space. The freestanding tub is ideal for such limited space, and the glass used for the shower enclosure also gives the room a bigger look.

Gold Wall Trendy Bathroom

gold wall trendy bathroom

Lake Residence Bathroom Design
lake residence bathroom design

Designed By : BAAN design

Classic Gray Bathroom Idea

classic gray bathroom idea

Spring Wooden Transparent Bathroom

spring wooden transparent bathroom

Master Bathroom with Slipper Tub

master bathroom with slipper tub

Tropical Traditional Bathroom Design

tropical traditional bathroom design

Blue Bathroom with Round Tub

blue bathroom with round tub

Designed By : Yorkshire Design Associates

Palm Spring Mosaic Bathroom Design

palm spring mosaic bathroom design

Beach Style Wooden Bathroom

beach style wooden bathroom

Victorian Contemporary Bathroom Design

victorian contemporary bathroom design

Designed By : MK Properties

Stylish Transitional Bathroom Idea

stylish tansitional bathroom idea

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