If you are having an old bathroom, you can give it a completely new look add some splashes of colors on the back-splash above your basin. Just by making some innovative designs on the back-splash the area will be the focal point of your elegant bathroom at the same time it will save the wall from damage. For an antiquated look, choose self-adhesive tiles with traditional motifs or may be linoleum sheets to give a stony look.

Splashes of Yellow Bathroom Design

splashes of yellow bathroom design


Master Bathroom with Tile Back Splash

master bathroom with standing tub and tile backsplash


Simple Architectural Glass Splash Design

simple architectural glass splash design


Using wallpapers as backsplash is a very novel concept in modern apartments. If you want to bring changes at your backsplash quite often, the best option for that is vinyl based wallpapers made for temporary use. These wallpapers are available in catchy intricate designs to make the area of backsplash look attractive.

Splash of The Rustic Design

splash of the rustic design


Awesome Bathroom Back Splash

awesome bathroom back splash design

Photo By: Eric Gedney

Modern Look with a Splash Ancient Design

modern look with a splash 1950s design


Dorm Style Bathroom With Red Tile Splash Design

dorm style bathroom with red tile splash design


Shower Stall With Modern White Tile Pattern Splash

shower stall with modern white tile pattern splash

Photo by Pure Design Interiors

Neutral Asian Spa Bathroom With Sliding Wall Splash

neutral asian spa bathroom with sliding wall splash

Photo By: Stephen Cricks

There are many interesting ways by which you can make your backsplash area look beautiful and pictorial. Thermoplastic material is used for making tiles that you can use in your backsplash area. These tiles are water resistant and inexpensive. Even tiles are made of terracotta or sandstone finish for a rustic look in your bathing area.

Contemporary Spa Bathroom Hardwood Floor Splash

contemporary spa bathroom with pine hardwood floor


Modern White Bathroom With Neutral Pebble Backsplash

modern white bathroom with neutral pebble backsplash

The Ranch Mine Architecture

Modern White Bathroom With Dark Gray Splash

modern white bathroom with dark gray splash


Blue Tile Accent Wall Modern Bathroom Splash

blue tile accent wall modern bathroom splash


Blue Floating Vanity Bathroom Splash

blue floating vanity bathroom splash


Master Bathroom With Multipurpose Shelving and Splash

contemporary master bath with multipurpose shelving and splash

Photo By: Alisha Hillery

Contemporary Bathroom with Beautiful Splash

contemporary bathroom with beautiful splash


Modern Bathroom with Backsplash

modern bathroom with backsplash


Transitional Bathroom with Backsplash

transitional bathroom with backsplash


Modern Bathroom with Super Back Splash

modern bathroom with super back splash


Trendy Bathroom with Awesome Back Splash

trendy bathroom with awesome back splash


Victorian Powder Room with Backsplash Idea

victorian powder room with backsplash


Awesome Brown Transitional Bathroom with Splash

awesome brown transitional bathroom with splash

Kristina Wolf Design

Blue Color Contemporary Bathroom Backsplash

blue color contemporary bathroom backsplash


Dazzling Backsplash Bathroom Design

dazzling backsplash bathroom design


White Color Contemporary Bathroom Tile Design

white color contemporary bathroom splash design

Globus Builder

Elegant Transitional Bathroom with Backsplash

elegant transitional bathroom with backsplash

Beckwith Interiors

When choosing back splash designs, you have to remember the purpose behind such gesture. The area gets drenched by splashes of water and colorful designs on back splash tiles are meant to camouflage the discoloration of tiles.

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