Tile designs are the preferable way to adorn the walls of bathrooms and kitchens all across the globe. The multitude of designs, color combinations as well as decorative features can send your senses into an overload making it hard for you to choose the right design for you. In today’s post, we are going to talk to you about subway tile designs and the variety of options that you have regarding their many uses. You may also see Drop Ceiling Tile Designs

Glass Subway Tiles

Glass tiles have a unique look that makes the ideal for kitchen backsplash designs. These subway tiles will make your space look brighter because of their reflective qualities. Choose a monochrome or colorful design to bring a character in your kitchen.

Blue Glass Subway Tiles

blue glass subway tiles


Subway Tiles for Bathroom

Make your bathroom look exquisite with a beautiful subway tile design. You can use a brighter or a darker tile grout depending on the color of your tiles in order to bring a visual interest in your bathroom walls. You may also see Bathroom Tile Designs

White Subway Tiles for Bathroom

white subway tiles for bathroom


Kitchen Subway Tiles

Apart from the classic white subway tiles that look amazing in any kitchen, you can find great pieces of colored options that will bring a pop of color in your kitchen while enchanting the style of your space. You may also see Kitchen Tile Designs

Kitchen Wall Subway Tiles

kitchen wall subway tiles


Shower Subway Tiles

Give some glamor to your shower with subway tiles. You can find incredible designs that range in color and size bringing you the most amazing results for a bright space and stylish shower cabin, matching them with the flooring tiles.

Grey Shower Subway Tiles

grey shower subway tiles


Small Subway Tiles

Small subway tiles are suitable for small kitchens and bathrooms. Their smaller sizes will give the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. You can choose any colors you like as well as a mosaic design. You may also see Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Small Blue Subway Tiles

small blue subway tiles


Vintage Subway Tiles

Teal, green and yellow beige along with all pastel colors will bring you a vintage design that will make your kitchen or your bathroom look classic. You can also find tile designs with gradient color choices for vintage design.

Vintage Bathroom Subway Tiles

vintage bathroom subway tiles


Modern Subway Tiles

For a modern style kitchen or bathroom, you can choose minimalist subway tile designs that will add elegance and glamor in subtle tones. You can choose a colored design that will contrast beautifully with the rest of the room.

Modern Bathroom Subway Tiles

modern bathroom subway tiles


DIY Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have a specific design that allows you to install them on your own. With the appropriate tools and the right material you can choose to install them in any way you like. And don’t be discouraged by imperfections.

DIY Shower Subway Tiles

diy shower subway tiles


Mirrored Subway Tiles

Mirrored tiles have a special design that allows you to make your space look larger and brighter. You can find them in many designs with various levels of reflection as well as sizes to choose for your own space.

Simple Mirrored Subway Tiles

simple mirrored subway tiles


Subway Floor Tiles

Subway tiles are also suitable for flooring designs. You can find them in various color schemes and designs that range in size and style giving you a multitude of different choices to style your floor with. You may also see Porcelain Floor Tile Designs

Small Subway Floor Tiles

small subway floor tiles


Subway Backsplash Tiles

Backsplash is always convenient for easier clean up. You can choose a design that appeals to your tastes or that matches your space’s style. As for color, you can choose a bright shade that will either match or contrast your room.

Subway Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

kitchen subway backsplash tiles


Colorful Subway Tiles

Subway tiles come in hundreds of colors. You can choose to use more than one color in your bathroom or your kitchen in order to create a visual interest with eye-catching properties or a colorful mosaic pattern.

Colorful Subway Backsplash Tiles

colorful subway backsplash tiles

Photo by Chris Amaral

Stone Subway Tiles

Stone subway tiles have a charming design that will give a classic look in your kitchen or bathroom. Choose the color of your choice and match it with similar color scheme designs to help you add personality in your space.

Stone Subway Tiles for Kitchen

stone subway tiles for kitchen

Photo by Ann Parris

Vertical Subway Tiles

You will notice that when the subway tiles are installed in vertical patterns they make the space look taller. This design is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms that have low ceilings, in order to create the illusion of taller space.

White Vertical Subway Tiles

white vertical subway tiles


From floor to ceiling tiles the options are endless. You can choose a simple design for a clean and neat look or you can go for a sleek one with decorative properties to add an extra touch of style in your space. We hope that our guide has inspired you for your next project.

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